Drug Addiction Reason for Increase Crime

It does not take a Brain Surgeon to figure out that drug abuse and crime pretty much for the most part go hand in hand.  There have been extensive studies done at different prisons and the inmates were interviewed over time and nearly every inmate that was serving time in the prison system had committed a crime to either support a drug habit or to get supplies to manufacture more drugs.  

If for some reason they did not have direct relationship like previously stated, it does end up being that the inmate had committed a crime to pay bills or try to get their rent caught up or to feed their family but the underlying reason that they were in that financial hardship was because they had used their money on drugs beforehand causing a person to commit a crime.  

So really if you think about it, most crimes are directly and indirectly caused by drug abuse at one time or another in the person’s life and causing a viscous cycle of drug abuse and crime. When homicide detectives get down to the “nitty gritty”,  their statistics come out to be a very high number of homicides are due to drug trafficking and or caused by being under the influence of narcotics.  

So there you go, drug abuse is draining our system and is running rampant everywhere in the world and it would be nice to be able to stop all of this crime but what really needs to happen is to stop the problem before it starts and that would cost a lot of money to start a world-wide prevention program.  However in the long run, there would most likely be a lot less inmates that are presently draining our system by housing all of them and providing meals and clothing for them and we the tax payers end up paying for all of this, and it makes no difference how many are locked up. 

The crime is still happening on the outside because the real problem of the issue has not been addressed and taken care of. So really if the drug abuse is still happening and no steps towards prevention and intervention are ever aggressively put into practice and implemented, we will never get rid of these random and heinous acts of senseless violence and crime.  

Our grandparents are at risk for having their homes broke into or worse having them get hurt by somebody just wanting to rob their medicine cabinet and that person that is committing that crime on our grandparents is doing it because of his drug addiction.  Homes and businesses are getting robbed all the time and people getting killed either because they are in the way during this crime act or they might have been just in the area and looked at the scene so the criminal pulls a gun out and kills him.  It’s a never ending merry-go-round of drugs and crime.

We can continue to lock up as many as we want but it’s just not going to make any difference because the root of all this insanity is still out there lurking around and that would be Drug Abuse.  If there could ever have been a way to prevent all of these criminals from starting up on taking drugs in the first place, they would not have turned into addicts like they are today and doing random acts of senseless and violent crimes, that has also been a great drain on our society and system.  

Most of the inmates today and many of our homeless did have jobs at one time or another. They lived in homes and went to work, had families to care for and accepted social responsibilities that came with being a law-abiding citizen in whatever country they may have lived. It is a very sad thing to think about that here you are with a job and money in the bank you have family that you love and cherish and somehow in the course of life you became addicted to drugs and your paycheck ended up not being enough, so you start looking in peoples cabinets for your drug or something similar until resources like that dry up.  You then start draining your bank account to finance your addiction.

Your addiction becomes so bad that you lose your job, and pretty soon all has been exhausted with supplying and enabling your drug use. You start to steal from family and friends until they no longer let you come around, and if you are still a hard core drug addict, you to can join the world of criminals, but if you had never tried the drug in the first place or had early intervention you might still have you socially acceptable life style.  It could happen to anybody. 

So really it is my belief that most crimes committed are directly relating to the issue of drug abuse.  Both drug abuse and the crimes that are being done on a daily bases cost America over a billion dollars and insurance companies are increasing their rates in order to compensate for the loss that drug abuse and crime cause. Drug abuse in itself is a crime. So maybe America should really weigh out the money saved from all of this chaos by thinking about prevention and early intervention.