Drug War in the Heart of Alberta Canada

Our Streets Of Gold
Are Lined With Drugs exchanging hands in our province through the drug trade. There isn’t a green zone anywhere. From our smallest towns to our largest cities, we are being bombarded on every flank and our children are the major casualties.
Organized crime has decided they want a piece of the Alberta Advantage and are prepared to do what it takes to retain their declared share. For this article they are not worthy of dishonorable mention and shall remain nameless. Suffice to say that the who’s who of the underworld runs everything from bars, strip clubs, massage parlors, escort agencies, and gangs. Each one of these activities draws in millions of dollars worth of drug money. That is the value added product; the big money maker.
If we take our blinders off we’ll see that every mall and its parking lot is an outlet for the distribution of drugs. The gun battles have already started at the OK corral. Will we soon see out and out warfare? People are being gunned down right on our streets. Edmonton now has two capital distinctions: that of the provincial capital and the national murder capital of Canada. The rest of the province is not far behind. Where the head goes the tail is sure to follow.
Alberta children are caught in the cross fire of this illicit action. As we go about our normal everyday fast paced lives, we are spending less and less time seeing to our children’s needs while we cultivate an incessant thirst for MORE. True, other factors abide here, but the basic premise is the same and it culminates in having less time for our children.
Who is your child interacting with? Are there gang members in their entourage? Is your Child a gang member? Likely not but chances are that your child knows of someone who knows a gang member, guilt by association. This is how drugs filter down to our families. When we do not have the time to instill a sense of security and provide activities for accomplishments that promote self worth and self-esteem, our children suffer. If this is not true why is it that one in five North American families is dealing with one type of addiction or another. Granted, there are several factors that come into consideration but this is the basis of the beast.
Crystal meth, crack cocaine, and other drugs permeate the essence of our society; Our Children. Crystal meth is now the number one drug in North America. Needless to say why; because it is cheap and easily distributed (pushed) on our children (Alberta is one of the top North American markets).

There’s the WAR!

Many of our children have already been seduced and are taking part in a living hell while their families suffer right along side them. Across Alberta, families are being put through this despicable torture. For these families an intervention is being assembled. People who know all too well what horrors lie in this drug infested land. They have lived and worked with children’s addictions for years. These qualified, highly educated, and trained individuals are ready to commit their lives to cleaning up the lives of children and reuniting them with their families. A building has been secured and renovated; a 40-bed facility, programming developed, staff is in place, and a licensing agreement was obtained with the Government of Alberta. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in program expenses are at the ready.
Good News; now the challenge begins for this non-profit organization. They are committed to positively impacting on Alberta’s children and their families by reclaiming our children’s lives from the drug world. After an interview with a local TV station Willingdon received over 400 calls from distraught parents desperately seeking help for their children’s drug addictions. While being far from able to fully address such a pervasive problem, with your support we can begin to make a difference in Alberta’s family life.