Drugs Suggestions on how to Control it about different Cities People Society – Yes

One of the discussions that my next door neighbor and I have had in the past is this topic which is quite interesting to write and talk about. I asked her “Is there really a drug war?” and she laughed at me and said, “yes there is”. I would have to say I have seen nothing more than a pitiful attempt to make drugs legal really. Now I have lived in a lot of different places and visited a lot of different places and in all the places I have been, it’s more about the community and how you approach people about drugs. I, myself, like many others, has been sucked up by it and now I am clean.

So, enough about me, let’s talk about this so called drug war. Let me tell you how easy it is where I live to get drugs. I can go right down the street to get marijuana and anything that you can imagine. Ironically I live in a beautiful and safe area. Hardly any crimes happen here and the only things that’s on the local news in my area is about labs or busts in Nampa and Caldwell and sometimes a few crimes here and their. It is amazing isn’t it? Who would think that my area would ever have a problem. It’s not a well-talked city, hardly any tourists here and it’s very technology savvy. I might add that it’s a very religious town on all forms of religion. We have Buddhist churches down the street even some Islam churches. We also have a lot of christian and Mormon churches. We have Wicca stores and new age Christianity stores. So what could be the problem?

Well, let me put it this way: Idaho is on the border of Oregon and California. All you have to know is the right person to talk to and up here it’s not that hard. It’s amazing to watch how many people get busted out here for meth. Meth has been growing like crazy out here in Boise and it is very easy to find for those who are looking for it, however in the past couple years, there has been a significant decrease on the usage of meth. So now you are asking me, how is the war on drugs affected in my area as well as other areas? Well, to put it simple, people are starting to realize we need to start from the top. For the past years I have been in school in Boise the only concern was marijuana. That is right, Marijuana has been the most focused on drug. I did not learn about meth until I was in fifth grade and not only knew someone who sold it, but I had to do a report on it by a history teacher who talked about the war on drugs. That was only about ten years ago maybe a little more. Incredible right? Not to mention that meth was everywhere. It was the easiest drug to get ahold of speaking of family members who would go and get it.

Now, if you turn on the tv, there are hundred of commercials in a day that talk about meth use and about twenty commercials a day talking about marijuana. If you get busted with driving out here with marijuana you must pay a fine which is very high or take classes or do both. I had a friend that only had a little nug on him and he got a fine and had to take about two months of drug classes to talk about his problem and why he was using it. Some people are right that marijuana does lead to other drugs; however, it’s more about the people you surround yourself with. Most pot heads that I have met do not sit around the TV and talk about how they are going to rob a bank. They eat chips and play video games. Now with crack heads on the other hand, they tend to circle around and find a way usually a bad way to get their dope. We should be concerning ourselves with the bad drugs first and getting those under control, but in reality there is not really a way to stop all drug abuse. It’s going to happen whether we completely illegalize or legalize it. We need to talk to kids and confront them about these drugs. Not just about marijuana, but every single drug because if we don’t, then it will just backfire on us later on in life.