Earn Money from Home with little Costs

There’s a multitude of ways to earn money from home. It’s very satisfying to not have to leave your house to go out to work and you can make some good money, if you have the right plan.

You will need commitment and focus in whatever area you choose to earn that money. It can be challenging to not be sidetracked with family obligations, but once you’ve set your schedule and if you stick to it, you will do well.

It’s easy to loose focus and I find it helps to have it written somewhere. Something along the lines of, Keep the Focus. This ensures you don’t allow other things to interrupt your day, or distract you.

Have a list of what needs doing and put that list in order of what’s most urgent, important, not urgent or important and it’ll keep. That way you can get the most pressing need done first and if you’re sidetracked after that, it’s much less stressful.

Some ideas to earn money from home are:

*Share trading.

*Option trading.


*Cooking meals, for other busy workers. This works well, particularly if you’re cooking your own meal, at the same time

*Selling eggs, if you have chickens

*Growing and selling vegetables, or flowers, for the garden lover

*Cooking cakes and pies. Often there’s a call for low fat cakes in your local caf

*Horse rides, if you have a quiet horse

*Child minding

*Wood turning and carving, selling your items on line

*Writing for sites such as this one

*Writing your own Ebook and selling it from your own web site

*Survey sites, which will pay you for the surveys you take

*Buying items and reselling them on eBay, making a profit from the difference

*Music lessons

*Tuition for the three R’s, reading writing and arithmetic, for those of you, who are clever enough, to take this one on

*Sewing alterations, with a simple add in the paper

*Hand crafted gifts, to sell on line

*Knitted jumpers


*Home made jams

*For the person with a lovely garden, tea, coffee and cake in that lovely garden atmosphere


*Even washing the clothes and putting them on your own line, before bringing them in and ironing them.

There are other types of work, where you outsource. Perhaps you start a home cleaning service, advertising in your local paper. You pay a cleaner to do the work and take a small percentage, as a fee for finding that work. Enough of these jobs and your fees start to add up. You could do the same thing with mowing lawns, gardening, dog walking, window cleaning, car washing

All you need is a little imagination and I’m sure there are many other ideas, that you can come up with to earn those few extra dollars working from home.