Earn Money from Home

Whether you’re staying home because of a job loss or if you decided to stay home when the kids came along you want to earn money. While the expense of leaving to go to work and extra clothing to be sure you are presentable aren’t present when you don’t leave the home to work there are other things that still have to be paid. Whether you just want your own money to spend or feel guilty about the loss of your income from the home, you are beginning to feel the need to earn money while you stay home.

There are several ways that you can earn money while staying home. Some methods take more time than others and of course the amounts that are earned will vary. Figuring out how much you want or have to make will help you to determine which money earning avenues you pursue. When you take a look at how much you need to earn you will get a clearer picture of how much time you have to devote to your work at home efforts. There are some questions that you should ask yourself when deciding.

What skills or interests do you have?
Determining the skills and interests that you have will help you to figure out how you can stay home and still earn money. Do you type? Maybe you have the ability to sew or are good with children. Do you have a concern for the environment? You can take your skills and interests and turn them into a way to keep income coming into the home without having to leave the home to go to office.


Typing is something that you can do from home. College students sometimes find themselves in need of someone to type up papers for class for them. Whether it’s because they can’t type or don’t have time to type you can earn money by typing these papers up from their notes and rough drafts.


If you live in an area with a lot of working couples you can watch their children during the day. Even if the couples put the children in daycare during the week they might still need someone to watch them on the weekends when the daycare facility is closed. There may be other parents that even though they are home during the day need someone to watch the children while they run errands or go to appointments.

Freelance Writing

You can stay home and earn money from writing. Writing online is the now something that it easier to get into. There are several online sites that allow writers to submit their own articles for up front payments and ad revenues. There are a number of other writing sites where freelancers can submit bids for projects. It is possible to get a study stream of clients from these sites and gain additional income without having to leave home.

Recycling Projects

While recycling will require you to leave the house to take the recyclables to the recycling center most of it can be done at home. Simply collect recyclables and separate them out for a trip to the recycling center when you run your errands. This probably won’t supply you with a study stream of income but it will give you a little bit of money to tuck away while you’re at home without taking too much of an effort.

There are a dozen ways to earn money and stay home. You just have to find your strengths and utilize them with every possible avenue until you find the one thing that earns you the money you need.