Easy Access to your Cash is another Type of Investment

Did you hear the story about the vigilante who wanted to protect his investment, so he clipped his cash with RFID strips so he could track a robber? He figured that if he could follow his own cash then he’d have an excuse to take the real bandits for everything they had collected before they spent his. All right, so it was the FBI. But the point was that no matter the villain, there’s a bigger and badder one waiting to mow the entire green to collect – and isn’t it always better that he could be working for a legitimate legal defense?

Not a single place that cash can be kept is unthinkable. For some persons, cash were like part of a scavenger hunt where there’s always another place to look. If you’re patient and not incredibly needy then it’s nothing short of whimsical way to look at the ways that you can invest yourself in discovery.

Remember, for the literate mind, there are literally thousands of avenues and outlets in the written word more than available to lend assistance. Even if advice is spotty, the vast majority is geared and directed at realistic assistance. All this and no interrogation!

There’s an unlimited amount of cash if you want to earn it, but only a limited amount available otherwise. That’s rather the way that the world works, and with good reason. Anyone may be part of the process of producing something truly worthwhile, such as the St. Louis arch or the Library of Congress, the Mount Rushmore or Gothic cathedral, the Statue of Liberty. There are virtues to be found and evils to be cretiated.

Oh, but you’ll want a place to keep your cash in the meantime. You won’t want to lose track of it, and you won’t want it blowing away or escorted on travels by a magpie or homing pigeon. Certainly you won’t want it stolen by one of those zombie scavenger hunters.

Safe deposit box

There’s no place for cash quite like a safety deposit box. This type of security is something like a rental bank account, except that there is no one who has to know how much cash you actually have or where it came from or that it is cash at all. Put it in a suitable box or tin and with your key you can stash it away safely in the bank and not have to go through the teller to do so. That’s also a ticket to placing other articles of value inside as well. So long as it comes from sufficiently legitimate sources, it won’t be sought after with any realistic endangerment. It’s still a good idea to find out whether the safe deposit boxes have ever been pilfered successfully during a robbery.


Safes are valuable ways to stash any amount of cash. The bigger the safe, the more difficult it is to swipe and open at a thief’s leisure with a blowtorch or welder’s set. And there are up to a million different combinations when you use a combination lock, so you’ve definitely got the kids off of your case. Just remember to dust your cash with the appropriate powder if you want to get an idea of the path it took if it did ever disappear in fact.


It’s true that wallets are one of the most common ways to carry cash, but still it’s a good policy not to carry more than $25 or enough for an emergency cab ride home.

Wallets are known generally to bulge. That’s why a lot of people carry them in their side pocket in stead of the rear, where their rump has developed a tolerance for any sort of seat and might not notice a filcher’s fingertips.

Cash clip

Many persons carry a cash clip and attach it somewhere under the clothes. It’s supposed to be one way to protect cash from common thieves. However, it’s also a good way to hold a thief up and make a heist take longer in any case. It’s also acceptable for a thief to pass on the idea entirely oblivious to lesser facts.

Safe hiding

Think like a scavenger hunt host, and you can come up with dozens of places to keep cold cash. Why not wrap it around locks or keep it in a baseball card holder at the bottom of a tin of fresh coffee?

The less you’ve heard of the idea then the better. But you’ll kick yourself if you ever decide, say, water has been spilled all over the fresh coffee grounds and someone has had to throw them out. Make sure it’s something that you control exclusively. “Your” coffee, for example. And be sure to give the others their own coffee. You can also tape the pouch down onto the bottom surface so no one will throw, say, a $1,000 bill away, but with your luck they’ll think it was a contest prize sponsored by the coffee company. At this stage you’ve been found out, so it’s time for a better plan.

Collectibles can be an excellent way to keep cash, especially when they are mundane and numerous. What fool would spend hours razor blading a collection of thousands of expensive comic books, looking for an unidentified sum of cash?

Uh, better get some insurance, too.

Have a door edge that no one ever sees to open? Try keeping some cash there. It’s really a good idea to diversify the locations of any sum so that you can also hold on to a sum in case of loss. Remember, it’s time that makes the scavenger hunt effective. The more time that you can put between the cash and an unwanted home, then the better job you can do holding on to your cash.

Liven up your phone calls by unscrewing the receiver and lining it with your play money. File down the threads for a tighter fit.

Secure cash means that you won’t have to waste trips going to any risky ATMs or banks and that you’ll always have the stash that you’ve earned at your fingertips while the rest of your money serves out the purpose of its investment.

There’s all kinds of ways to store cash and no sensible reason not to vary the routine. You’re the one most likely to rip yourself off, so read over this list until you’ve become certain that your excess baggage has been checked.