Easy Ways to Make Extra Money

Everybody would love to make that extra bit of money whether it is for clearing some debts or just to enjoy yourself a little and we all love to do that once in a while. There are many legitimate ways to earn that extra money but not all are fast ways OR easy, so we will discuss some of the tried and tested methods for you to put to some use.

• Selling Old Phones

Most households have old mobile phones laying around whether still functional or broken. You can now get money for these old phones by sending them off to a company that then sends you a check for its worth. Moneymagpie Have set up a section on their site where you simply enter the make and model of your mobile phone and they then transfer you to whoever will offer you the best price.

• Rent Your Garage

With sites like Parkatmyhouse, it is now possible to actually rent out your driveway or garage on a week by week basis. Income depends on the location of where you live but many workers find it hard to find parking spaces so this is a great chance of using that to your advantage. You simply, sign up at Parkatmyhouse with location etc and people will then be referred to you if they are interested. Their are many ways to rent out your space, whether hourly, weekly etc.

• Online Auctions

Online auctions such as eBay are a great way to earn an extra income. Look around your house for things you no longer use and try your luck. I am sure you’ve heard of the saying, “One persons junk is another ones treasure”. Well it really is true. Try looking around garage sales and car-boot sales for anything you might be able to profit on. This is great for short time OR long time income.

• Advertise

This is a little known but great way of making money quickly. Get in touch with companies and you would be surprised at how many are willing to pay you to advertise their business. The ads range from being t-shirts with the company logo on it to full blown car advertisements. Search around different companies to see which would better fit your needs.

• Freelance

If you love to write and have great knowledge in certain fields, then freelancing could definitely be the thing for you. You basically sign up to one of the many sites, write and make money. A couple of great sites to get you started are Helium and Associated Content. If you really love your writing then why not get paid for doing what you love to do.

• Surveys

Everybody loves to have their opinion heard and if you feel like you are not being listened to then why not try taking surveys. Surveys will be sent to your email inbox where you can choose whether to participate or not. You can then depending on the company get paid with cash or points in which you save and exchange for gifts.

• Sell Your Crafts

If you enjoy making crafts then a great outlet for selling your work for good, quick cash is Etsy. Crafts of all kinds get sold there and it is a great place for you to sell what you create. Etsy also have their own on site forum with a very friendly community so you will always find someone there to answer any questions you may have.

Whenever trying to make some quick money, always be careful. If people hear about this they will try to scam you in to thinking they have the best get rich quick scheme. Don’t be fooled by these people. Be careful!