Easy Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

There are a number of easy ways to save money on car insurance that your insurance company will never tell you, and in fact, probably hope that you never discover. It’s important to remember that most local insurance agents are paid according to the dollar value of the policy that has been written, and chances are that if a client does not ask that in many instances they will not be told of dozens of minor discounts that can add up to big savings. So the first easy way to save money on car insurance is to pepper your agent with as many pertinent questions as you can come up with in the way of available discounts. Don’t be shy about it either – it’s well worth the momentary discomfort of being considered a pain in the neck to save a hundred dollars or more a year on car insurance.

After determining what discounts are available from a specific insurance company, take the time to shop around via the telephone or internet and ask the same questions again. Not all insurance companies are the same, and an easy way to save money on car insurance is to locate the company that represents the deepest savings for your personal situation. Affiliations with trade and professional organizations, religious organizations and membership in other social orders can supply discounts that can save money on car insurance just by the power of membership.

The type of car that you drive and the quality of your driving record have a big impact on how much money you can save on car insurance as well. Being a driver with a good record of safe driving is by far the easiest way to save money on car insurance. Owing an automobile that possesses the latest safety features and technology is another great way to save money on car insurance, as injuries from car accidents are reduced in severity or avoided altogether in these vehicles. Another easy way to save money on car insurance is to lower the coverage amounts and take on more potential financial risk, which will have a corresponding drop in premium fees.

Lastly, one of the better easy ways to save money on car insurance is to bundle all of your insurance needs into one tidy package to enable deeper savings. An individual that bundles car, life, homeowners and health insurance all together with one insurance company will likely see a significant decrease in collective premiums and save money on car insurance.