Eating out the Inexpensive way

Eating out occasionally should not break the bank, nor your nutritional needs, but it is best to only eat out as a treat not as an everyday activity. After all dining out can be expensive and fattening depending where you choose to eat. Here are a few tips for occasional dining out treats that may cost a little less than usual.


If your favourite restaurant is on the edge of town you will have to pay travel expenses. Whether this is just petrol prices or a taxi fare it will add to the cost of eating out. Check out local restaurants, cafes and bistros that are within walking distance. This also means that you can enjoy an alcoholic drink or two without worrying about getting home.

If you have to travel try to go with a few friends in order to share the travel costs.


Many local restaurants where I live offer special ‘two for the price of one deals’ for diners at particular times of the day or on certain days of the week. For example, one restaurant offers diners who eat before 7.30pm a 35% discount. Another one offers Sunday evening diners two set meals for the price of one. These deals are genuine offers and are very good. There is no lack of the usual quality or diminished size of portions.


A couple of Chinese restaurants have sprung up in our city that allow the diner to eat as much as they want, or can, from a buffet. The price is cheap and the time limit is a couple of hours but that should be ample time to stuff yourself silly. Personally I am not keen on the ones in our city but they are always full of diners and seem to be very popular. I guess if you were a hard up student, for example, you could eat like a king at least once or twice a week.


It is worth asking if your favourite restaurant offers reduced price dining for group bookings. If it does you may be able to save money on eating out if there are a few of you.


The best and cheapest meals tend to be those you have sourced and cooked yourself at home. All of us though sometimes enjoy having someone else do all the work. Eating out can be a lovely treat, assuming that you have picked a good restaurant that is reasonably priced. Always make sure that you read the menu fully and are aware what the actual costs are for food and drink that you order. Sometimes it is the drinks, even just juices, that make a meal expensive. Ask for a large jug of free iced water instead and have a cheaper drink when you get home.

For the ultimate good value eating out experience pack yourselves up for a good old fashioned picnic on a hot summer’s day. It will be inexpensive, fun and you will know exactly what you are eating.