Ecological and Environmental Friendly Tips that is Cost Effective

Ecology is a Greek word which is defined as the study of how organisms relate with each other and their environment. Human beings are the dominating species on Earth and compete a lot for limited natural resources. Lack of basics can lead to frustration,immorality and crime.

A need for knowledge on how to manage a small budget to satisfy our unlimited wants without destruction of the environment helps save money while protecting the environment. Destruction of the environment occurs in many ways. For example, when industries are not monitored and they continue their manufacture of materials that produce dangerous gases, the people, animals and vegetation around the place can be damaged. This results in diseases such as skin cancer due to the destruction of the ozone layer.

Environmentally friendly products are often expensive to purchase despite the desire to become healthier and more environmentally friendly. Some simple steps for ecologically friendly cost savings include the following:

Technology: Despite its initial purpose to make work easier for man, it can also become expensive. Some of the electrical appliances that are purchased consume energy when plugged in and aren’t being used. It is therefore important to switch of sockets after using an electrical device and plugging of the device from the socket.

Efficiency: Replacing and changing old electrical devices such as televisions and refrigerators is sometimes wise as old electrical appliances consume more. The purpose of technology is to reduce the cost and at the same time improve the devices to perform better.

Batteries: Use different sources of energy. Some devices consume a lot of electricity and depend on alternating current while others can use small batteries. When choosing the batteries, Women’s Day suggests choosing the rechargeable ones. This is cheaper since there is no purchase of another battery required every time it runs out of power. Non-rechargeable batteries do not break down easily, and they release very dangerous chemicals that are not environmental friendly. This can kill small microorganisms in the soil.

Household products: House hold chemicals also cause damage to the environment. This is because the chemicals seep down into the ground. When washing or cleaning, a good alternative is  white vinegar which is accessible in many grocery stores for just a dollar. White vinegar is not only used for cleaning but also to disinfect and to freshen the air.

Transportation: The vehicle is another form of technology that has changed man’s lifestyle and made work easier for him. However, recently fumes from vehicles have been found to cause air pollution in major towns. This can be reduced by using vehicles only when necessary. It not only reduces the amount of fumes in the air but reduces the gas cost.

Recycling: Garbage bills can sometimes be very high as well as the fuel cost. Therefore the best solution is to find a good and local recycling center. This centers also teach people on recyclable materials that when dumped can increase the garbage price further.

Cooking: When cooking and boiling food, it is easier and much more economical to cover the lid according to Reader’s Digest. Covered pots cook much faster while the uncovered consume more time.