How much does it cost you, in real dollars, in order to keep you and your family healthy and alive? Like it or not, the “Depression of 2008” has caused a whole lot of people to attempt to figure out just how much that does cost, as they discover the fact that their once comfortable standard of living is slowly but surely slipping away.

Yes, there is the possibility that the elected politicians within the Government of the United States of America will take the required steps to put an end to the insane greed of the relatively few, but do not hold your breath waiting. You see, some people believe that a revolution will be required in order to put things back as they were prior to 1959.

Then again, “passive resistance” can do just as much to lower the prices for all of those things that keep each of us healthy and alive. Accordingly, “We People” should only buy those things that we cannot do without and nothing more. Naturally, those things must be made and/or grown within the United States of America.

It is sad but true that millions of “We People” must use our credit cards, rather than pay cash for those necessary items. As a result, millions of “We People” are going deeper into debt. “Cost plus Inflation” within the economy has made every dollar printed to be worth less than it once was. That is a fact, and it is also a fact that such “Cost plus Inflation” can easily become “Spiraling, run away Inflation.”

As such, now is no better time to determine what your fixed living expenses truly are and if you can reduce some of those fixed living expenses. As such, you will have, hopefully, more real money available for those variable expenses. Such variable expenses include dining out, entertainment, vacations and preventative medical care.

Since each of us are somehow different from every other person who is alive on Earth only you can sit down and add up what your fixed monthly living expenses truly are. Just add up your monthly rent or mortgage, food, utility expense and prorated insurance costs, together with your monthly expenses to go to work and your prorated Real Estate tax, if you do own a home. Then again, are you able to save some of your hard earned money for any kind of an emergency?

After you do that much you might discover that you truly are going into debt. That means that you will have to reduce your spending one way or another before you end up on the street with nothing to eat. Yes, in this rapidly changing economic environment anything can and probably will happen and you must be prepared for any or most events that could very well put you in the red and never allow you to be debt free.