Educated ex Cons no Jobs available

In regards to felons and ex-con finding a job, I would like to answer some of the problems they may encounter. Also ask Valarie Wards about her writing and comments.

I’m 61 years old, I have two Masters in Business, a PHD in Education and I’m also a Viet Nam veteran. Even though I don’t like talking about this issue (I always thought it would help me, but it did not), I’m still proud I volunteered and served this beautiful country.

I was convicted of a felony in 1990 and served 4 years in State prison. At that time I already had a Bachelor’s in Engineering, so after coming out I continued to study and received two more degrees. It took me almost three years to find a School that would aloud me to teach.

After six and half years of teaching, I was fired because of my record. It seems they were investigating all backgrounds at that time. I was never asked if I had any record or not and this really was heartbreaking news because I was hoping to spend the rest of my life teaching.

After many months of trying again for the jobs available and telling everyone at the beginning that I had a criminal record and a excellent record teaching and had many letters of recommendation, I still could not find a job.

Some of the writers think that all cons are non-educated, which is not so and its easier to find a job as a driver than a job teaching. Unfortunately society does not and will not help you once you make a mistake in life. So for anyone out there that thinks that all ex-cons are last and stupid, you have to understand that after you rehabilitate yourself (if you are like many of my ex- cons friends that have a lot of education background), its the end of the line.

I was really depressed and at the same time, mad. It’s a crime to waste my education and knowledge, when I can help so many students to have a better life. So if anyone out there will hire me, please let me know. I have been unemployed for three years now and have placed over 350 applications annually. Again not everyone or ex-cons with my background, can find a job.