For your information, many self-employed people pay for and receive health insurance coverage. It is also possible for an unemployed person to purchase health insurance coverage, in the event that the unemployed person suffers a medical emergency for whatever reason.

In many cases the recently unemployed person can pay for and receive health care coverage from the insurer of their former employer for a certain amount of time after the loss of the job that also included health care coverage. You will most likely have to pay the portion that your former employer paid in your behalf, as well as the amount that was deducted from your regular pay check. By doing so you will or should not be excluded from being insured and receiving a payment for an existing medical condition. You also have the added advantage of keeping the doctor that takes care of you and will go on taking care of you if you so desire.

Those of you who cannot continue being insured in such a manner must seek a new health insurance provider. That is, if you will be able to afford the periodic cost of such health insurance coverage. It is also to your advantage if you are currently a healthy person who does not take drugs or have some medical condition that is on going prior to your application for health insurance coverage.

The best way to obtain such heath insurance coverage is to seek the services of an independent insurance agent who can find the health insurer for your particular need. In regard to the cost of such insurance some or many healthy insurance providers will include you in a group insurance pool with many other people who also pay for such coverage, thus lowering the per person cost for those who are within that particular health insurance pool.

That independent insurance agent will also give you a choice of such policies that are offered to people just like you who also seek full time employment. It is better to be safe rather than sorry so you must make every attempt to purchase such health insurance coverage. It could be the difference between living and dying and/or spending all that you have if you should require emergency medical care or if you become a victim of a long term illness that would prevent you from becoming employed.

Keep in mind that bad things happen to everyone. Then again, it makes good sense to take advantage of every opportunity to safeguard your accumulated assets, should you or a member of your family truly need medical care at some time within the future.