Being a recent college graduate you probably have a few debts that must be paid at some time in the future. You are also eager to make your mark on this Earth as soon as possible but first you must have a job. Without a means of support there is nothing you can do besides live with your parents and continue to rely on them for your support.

On the other hand, if you were lucky enough to to be hired by an employer who requires your learned skills you are ready to make a life for yourself, as you increase your knowledge and experience. Now is no better time to create a spending budget and stick to that budget because you will not want to create debts that will take a very long time to pay.

You resolve to purchase only those things that are necessary for your employment, while you try to save a certain amount of your current income each month. Having a bank account allows you to establish a credit rating that will, in turn, allow you to have credit cards that you can use if you have to purchase an item that exceeds your monthly income. 

At this time getting an apartment, buying furniture and other household goods is not a good idea if you are employed near where you currently reside. It should go without saying that if you live with your parents you should make a contribution, in both money and time, to assist your parents with the household expenses. Most likely, you will have to purchase a mode of transportation and pay the insurance cost that is associated with the operation of a motor vehicle. That is, if you did not receive such a vehicle as a graduation gift.

Like it or not, you might have to live a year or more with your parents before it is possible for you to leave home and make your own future. What do you hope to achieve as you grow older? Will you get married? Will you have children? Will you purchase a home? Do you expect to have the same job for several years? Making plans for the future is part of what is known as being a responsible adult.

Every adult has to do things that they would rather not do and bad things do happen to every person who is alive on Earth. That is why it is important to create a life plan and stick to that plan. It might be necessary to make adjustments to the plan as time passes, but doing so should not cause you to incur debts that are impossible for you to pay.

As that old saying goes: “Rome was not built in a day.” As for you, you probably have spent more than two months of your expected income, just to be able to go to work each day and earn more money for even more expenses that once acquired will not have to be incurred again for a very long time.