Every Person who is alive on Earth is somehow different from every other person who is alive on Earth. That is the main reason why some people are poor and some people are wealthy, and many millions more people are somewhere between those two levels of people who are either rich or poor.

Then again, past generations of wealthy people usually pass down their accumulated wealth to their future generations. Having parents who are wealthy is a great advantage for a young person because those young people grow up in a nice neighborhood and reside in a nice home that could be a mansion by any standard. Those young people usually receive the best education that money can buy and they might also take over the family business when they reach an age to do so. In short, their life is filled with all of those things that most people dream about.

Yes, the opportunities available to young people who have poor parents are far less, and those young people must be truly smart in order to improve their income and/or become better adults than their parents. As a result, some people never escape the environment of a slum, and they might eventually descend into a life of crime as a means of increasing their annual earnings.

On the other hand, there are also a certain number of poor young people who get a better education due to the fact that some rich person might pay for that education. Those very smart, but poor young people now have the opportunity to learn an honest trade or a profession that will allow those once poor people to also have a reasonably comfortable life in a nice neighborhood and have many of those other things that poor people cannot afford to own.

Last but not least, tens of thousands of goods and services are available to the consumer. Other people provide one or more of those goods and/or services. Some goods and services cost more money to purchase. Your income will be higher if you sell a product that is in demand or provide a service that many people require. The end result is that some people become wealthy and some people just get by and remain poor for as long as they live. You might be poor, but you might never become rich. Your life is what you make it, and bad things happen to everyone.