Enforcement of Medical Marijuana Exceptions

Medical Marijuana presents a difficult problem for Federal law
12 State ‘s have legalized medical marijuana to be used.
How does the Federal Government find these Medical marijuana patients?
After All the US Congress would not approve and fund an operation to
find all of these people.
This Article uses fact to identify what methods Federal law enforcement
is using to enforce federal medical marijuana laws over State medical
marijuana laws in State’s that have legalized medical marijuana.

One way the Federal Government has found it can find Medical marijuana
cases is to use multi jurisdictional drug task forces.
multi jurisdictional drug task forces that are paid for mostly by the
States that have legalized medical marijuana.
These task forces do not enforce the will of the people,and enable the
minority to trump the wishes of the majority by using the excuse that
it is still illegally federally,to enforce Federal law over State law.
This breaks half a dozen State laws but the victims usually coerced
into a “prejudiced” plea bargain due to the threat of Federal minimum
sentence guidelines.
Most people think that it is the Federal government is the one doing
the dirty work.
Most people are shocked to find out that almost all of the medical
marijuana cases are intiated by local law enforcement in the States that
have legalized medical marijuana.
A closer look reveals how the States that have legalized medical
marijuana are bribed into breaking their own laws with Federal grants.
These drug free community grants number about a half dozen.

The States that have legalized medical marijuana ,like mine,The State
of Washington has become dependant on these grants.
The Federal Government bribes the State with Federal grants to comply
with Federal laws.
In Washington State for example, CTED or Community Trade and Ecomnomic
development employs thousands of people.
In fact CTED’S very exsistance depends on those Federal grants,so
Federal compliance no matter how illegal it is for Washington State to break
its own laws to comply with Federal laws,CTED will in fact comply with
Federal laws..
10,000 State government service union jobs outweigh the compassion of
medical marijuana patients,so broken State laws don’t mean a thing as
far as CTED is concerned..
Another way for Federal agencies to flush out Medical marijuana
patients is with Agents provacatuers.
One such Club helps round up patients by breaking the law
,and keeping Medical records and patient data on site for Law enforcement
to confiscate.
These persons leading the Way in this effort
started out working out a deal with a Medical marijuana clinic in Bellevue,Wa. to help round up patients to build a data base of Patients for Federal agencies to
round up.
When this clinic kicked them out,this group attacked the clinic in the local newspapers,and branched out into signing their own authorizations with the help of a Navy Doctor.
This new medical marijuana clinic grew 1500 plants while the person in charge had a caregiver,and was predictably caught,and the records of 200 people just happened to be at the scene of the crime.
This was planned.
This was planned since 2005,and excecuted in January of 2007.
This group is laden with ex-military,and federally indicted persons to
help prop up this group to achieve Federal agenda’s and round up known
medical marijuana patients.
my medical records were seized when the Multi jurisdictional drug task force predictibly came down on them.
Medical marijuana patients need to be aware of what they are up against.

Do not trust an organization that hands out cuttings from the same place
that a Doctor signs authorizations,and where your records will be
Your medical information will end up in a Federal data base.
This group does what the Congress does not and will not pay for.
Investigating Medical marijuana patients in States that have legalized
medical marijuana.
They help identify Medical marijuana patients so the feds can work from
a list,without having to pay the DEA to do it.
200 people are already on that list including myself.