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This is a basic guide to how the stock market work, and the opportunities it can presents for new investors, the stock market is a place where investors make money, buying and selling shares in different companies, income is derived from the dividends which the company pay their shareholders, and profits from capital gains, when shares are sold higher than what they were initially bought for.

The easiest way to get into buying and selling shares, is first get use to how stock change prices, you may contact a stock broker or make an appointment with your bank manager, who will informed you how to open a brokerage account, transfer money into that account and practice trading, online trading gives you the experience in opening the global stock market, to invest in security bonds, you may have beginners luck, but there is a learning curve to handle, before you can start making real money. Monitor the stock market, and watch for conditions when they are right to sell.

In the financial trends, movements go up and down, and market prices are sustained over a period of time, the bull market is a term referring to the optimism of investors interest, in the movements of the market anticipating substantial capital gain, a bull run is like the bullying behavior of a herd of bulls, gorging upwards with their horns, in demonstration of share prices fluctuating.

When shares are going down investors are motivated to sell so they will avoid further loses, the bear market is a description of shares falling because of increasing pessimism, when the market substantially decline, it’s because there are negative feelings feeding on itself, the market movements are caused by speculation, and expectation changes the environment, the bear movement is unlike a charging bull, in retrospect to the animal, bears keep their chin down.

This can be measure when share prices decline over a period of two monthly terms, bear market is heading towards a state of stagnation with recession inevitably following, the great recession in 1929 stock market crash, spelled the end of the bull market, and in addition to all other plausible trends, the losses continues to be the bench that market used to gage recession trends.

Owing to the turmoil in the debt market, traders welcome new financing bid to underpin gains on stock market investing, with the chance to capitalize on speculations, fine tuning developments are rapidly emerging from the far east, which suggest that some of the industry hidden secrets is in forecast levels of security growth. Driven by fingerprint facial recognition, brokers on track are well place to benefit from the global development.

In China, Soaring interest have risen again in production output, because since beginning of July, production in raw materials slowed down drastically, falling back almost 20% on previously held figures, pushing companies into the bear market, however, recently there is new appetite in production.

Commodity bulls is soaring higher in expectation, even with inflationary pressure, the demand for products is far outstripping the present supply. Putting a dual listing on the Hong Kong stock exchange to attract new investors, because more raw materials are urgently needed, especially all eyes are on the powerhouses.

Stock market indices index gives the close of business, and percentage changes, the world markets make a breakdown of how shares fall by weaker commodity stock, and investors cash in on gains, Dow Jones, Nikkei 225 index, Hang Seng index, Dax index, is our guide, big companies and sovereign wealth fund all stock market investment covering asset management.