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How to hide money and save it, is a unique gift of self preservation, which may come handy on a rainy day, or be a source of support and peace of mind in the event of tragic circumstances, money of course is the vital exchange currency for service rendered, which then can be used for other important ventures such as exotic holidays, buying luxury goods, groceries, or paying for children tuition fees.

The bank is not always the most convent place to hide money, the long term assurance is not always safe, however, you do get interest on your savings, in retrospect, for years the old familiar ground has been the safest place to hide money, but where you hide your most prize possession is usually a secret location well guarded, the place could be a discreet harbor, more secure than an hornets’ nest.

There are some individuals that will disguise their wealth in what appears to be an Aladdin cabin, at face value, everything can be seen, but beneath the camouflage string of pearls are hidden, along with diamonds and priceless alabaster boxes. People are old fashion, and they will find mysterious places with strange codes to hide their most valued assets.

For security purpose, most of the time money is hidden in cabinets and in the top drawer of the bedroom dresser, places that makes it really easy for theft to take place, safes and jewelry boxes, biscuit tins and other containers are just typical hiding places to store coins, but your money is not absolutely secure from clever thieves.

Other alternative hiding places are more of a sensitive nature, pantyhose, bras, underpants, belts, and tricky disguises, the gift of hiding things is like an adventure to some people, the greater the value, the more bizarre complications surrounding the mystery, like secret compartments behind picture frames. Money can be hidden in an old book collection, such as the bible, banner hymn books, people will go to great lengths and even use their wigs and figurines, sentimental clocks and unused fireplaces.

Money can be hidden in the strangest of places, under the bed, in the bank, in money bags, many people have been known to hide their talent in the ground, where of course it has no working value, but the best place to hide money is in the acquisition of valuable collector’s item, such as original art masterpiece, ancient coins, and historical artifacts, property and passive income, but some people are so broke that if they found a dollar it is worth a million.

Not having any money can drive a persona to all kind s of measures, turning the house upside down, with tears and frustration can send a person almost crazy, especially when the bills are high and the funds are low, emotions and tears are not only coming to the eyes, but there is an aching sensation associated with poverty to the heart, wondering if this is what life has to offer, searching penny jars, counting out the coppers, looking under the carpet, trying to remember where they may have put some money, money is a great discovery when hidden amount is untouched, sometimes people find a small reward going though their spouse pockets.

Special minted coins are a good source of hiding money, it is an amazing transformation to see a collectors sovereign more than double its worth in value, money can be kept hidden in the process of all different currencies, old and new, and just having a few shinny coins can bring a strange and positive response to a person’s demeanor, money is a bride that gives back a person their self esteem.

But be warn, money and valuable items must be hidden from opportunist, burglars, thieves, and cleaning personnel that are habitually dishonest, this category includes red eye people and the covetous minded.