Everything you need to know about Money

Everything you need to know about money…. what an interesting topic in a society that uses plastic to get what they want and can’t afford. Everything in our society is about money.

“Money is the root of all evil”

Money causes marriages to break-up… whether it is having too much money or not enough. Couples argue over how to spend money and how to save money….

Money makes and breaks the bank….

Money causes crime rates to soar because without it we can’t survive and some people are working for minimum wage and expected to support their entire family after giving “Uncle Sam” his slice of the American Pie….

Money is borrowed with the “buy now and pay later” mentality. Therefore, families are being hurled into that never-ending spiral of increasing interest rates and minimum payments…. pay till the day you die hell hole….

Money is the means by which we as a society define another human being’s worth…

Money is that one thing that we as human beings would cut off our right arm, sell a kidney and throw our loved one’s into a raging sea of poverty “if we could only have more”….

Money makes a person to feel worthless without it and invincible with it….

Money is currency that our own Government currently does not have… Our own Government is in a deficit and it just keeps on spending and spending and spending….

Money is needed to survive due to an ever increasing greedy society hell bent on living the American Dream….

Money makes a man work long hours and steals time away from his family so that he may support his family….

Money buys plenty but it also steals plenty…it steals your time, family, morals and values….

Money… You can’t take it to the grave…I have never heard anyone say on their death bed, “I wish I had more money or worked more hours”. But, I have heard it said. ” I wish I had more time. More time with my family and more time to myself”.

Everything you need to know about money and it’s worth and value you learned from society….but everything you need to know about money can be learned if you sit back and watch society and it’s current state and how it is falling deeper into a pit of debt.

Money is paper in which we place too much faith and way too much value.