Experiences with Progressive Auto Insurance

As a two year consumer of Progressive Auto Insurance I can, with confidence, recommend Progressive as a praiseworthy company and a superb choice for your auto insurance needs.

Notably, Progressive has fair and competitive rates, but more commendable, is their outstanding customer service. In having to speak to Progressive Representatives, I am qualified to say that their consumers are treated with kindness, respect, and with individual, undivided attention regardless of the basis for the call.

The basis for my call was a billing glitch that caused the Department of Motor Vehicles in my state to fine me $250 for each of my two cars, stating I was un-insured. The DMV refused my explanation of the billing glitch and deemed the proof of insurance I had sent them as invalid. I was then forced to involve Progressive. I wasn’t about to pay $500 for some misunderstanding, nor could I afford to.

It took three days for the agents, who graciously fought the DMV on my behalf, to come up with a win. The DMV ultimately reversed their decision to fine me. I was ever-so grateful for the patience and persistence those Progressive agents put forth.

Fortunately, I have yet to involved in an accident but I have had to file a claim for a new windshield. You know what happens when your on the highway behind one of those giants trucks that kicks up gravel. Well it happened to me. Nonetheless, getting the windshield was easy as one, two, three. I got on-line, spent three minutes filing a claim, and with-in minutes an agent called me at home giving me the option of mobile service or to just take my vehicle to the repair shop. I chose to take it in and by the afternoon I had a new windshield.

Last but not least as far as my personal experiences go, my van broke down. The darn transmission went out 180 miles out of town. I pay the four extra dollars a month for roadside assistance and assist is exactly what Progressive did. With one call they sent a tow-truck. I was sure that make us tow our vehicle to the nearest town, but they didn’t. We were towed 180 miles back to a repair shop in our town with no out of pocket expense.

As an added benefit in our fast paced world, consumers of Progressive can conveniently manage their policy on-line with simplicity. Whether it’s obtaining a quote or making changes on one’s policy. In this fast paced world, being able to manage your policy on-line is a real advantage. We don’t always have time to jump into our cars, head to their office, and linger about before we’re waited on.

I commend Progressive Insurance for their first rate service and perpetuating customer appreciation by giving truth to the statement “Service with a Smile”.