Exposing the Unscrupulous Practices of the Mortgage Broker

It was my first day of being a mortgage broker and I was both excited and nervous at the same time. This was going to be my first real job since I worked at Burger King. Little did I know that being a mortgage broker meant getting what the customers needs, but getting a higher price for the mortgaging item.

My job was pretty painstaking work that needed my full attention at every single moment. My first mortgage item was a beautiful two story house that a couple needed to sell. My boss had told me that you wanted to meet the seller’s needs, but if it started to look promising, to go for the big bucks.

So I entered in the product at hand and started to wait. The seller was looking for a 28% sell on the house. All of a sudden the numbers started to climb at a fast rate. I sat eagerly counting the numbers as they flew up 23%…25%…27%. The scale made one more rise and hit 28% just what the customer wanted but I watched the board for just a little bit longer.

After about a minute or so it started to rise again..29%…30%..34%. I punched in the sell and called the customer to say that it was sold, but what I didn’t tell him was the extra 6% increase that I had just made off of his product.

Not a bad first day at the office huh.