Fair to Force People who have Faithfully Paid their Mortgages to Bail out those who Haven’t – No

Is it fair to force people who have faithfully paid their mortgages to bail out those who haven’t?

The United States of America has come to a critical point in its history. We have political leaders who seem not to care about, or even have read the Constitution they are sworn to uphold. We are not really talking about fairness here… we’re talking about rights, about justice and about tyranny. This nation was founded on the principle that government should not in any way violate the rights of its citizens. Our founders fought a war of independence to establish protection for those rights. But these days, no one seems to even know what a true right is.

Do you have the right to use government force to take your neighbors’ money to pay for your mortgage? For your food? For your health care? If so, where does it end? At what point does your supposed right to loot other peoples’ property stop?

Am I too far out here? We’re not talking about rights we are talking about fairness… or are we? Are we talking about justice? Are we talking about free people or about slaves? Are we talking about true rights or are we talking about what some people believe they are entitled to?

No law abiding person should be forced to do anything against their will. As soon as you introduce government (i.e. force) into any proposed bailout scheme, regulation or project supported by taxation you are already violating the individual rights of everyone who has the money taken from them. We do in fact have the right to our own lives, our own property and our own judgment. We do not have the right to impose our needs onto others when our judgment, or lack of it, has failed to work out as we might have hoped.

If a person cannot afford the mortgage they contracted to pay then they should sell the house to someone who can afford it and become a renter. No one forced them to take on loans they could not pay. I don’t care how attractive the offer seemed at the time, if a person has so poor of judgment and so little thought to planning for contingencies then failure is what they deserve. That is true justice. That is fair. That is reality. The desire to buy something does not mean others should be saddled with the bill.

There is a word for people who hold out a hand to get something for free; beggars. There is a word for people who take something without consent; thieves. There is a word for a government that ignores the rights of the people it is supposed to protect; tyrannical.

I sincerely hope everyone who cares about the future of this nation will read the Declaration of Independence and look for a reference to the word tyranny. The document itself explains the remedy.