False Arrest of the Manic Kind Rcmp Bumbles again

Manic BC Woman Arrested and Charged for Uttering Threats

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Vernon, British Columbia.

A Vernon resident, who will remain nameless, was arressted and charged with assault for uttering threats on January 20, 2009 by the Vernon R.C.M.P. The woman suffers from bi-polar/depression among a myriad of other problems and while having a break down, a neigbor called the police.

When the police arrived there was no commotion heard by them what so ever because her husband, who will remain nameless as well, finally got her calmed down. One of the officers confronted the woman in her quietened manic state and possibly thought her to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol which turns out was not the case even after the husband told them she was not drinking or on drugs.

This poor woman was manic, completely out of touch with reality and both officers refused to acknowledge from her husband that this was a medical problem and that she needed to go to the hospital. “They manhandled her and treated her like a criminal after me trying to explain to them. They just wouldn’t listen”, said the husband. “Then they separated us and the next thing I see is her being marched off to the cruiser with handcuffs on. Off to jail she went, screaming in fear.

The husband went on to say that this very same thing happened a year ago and when he tried to explain that it was a medical problem, he was threatened three separate times with pepper spray if he didn’t shut his mouth. They took her off to jail. When the husband picked her up the next morning after being released, he found her shaking uncontrolably and uttering nonsense. He asked the officer what was wrong with them that they couldn’t see she needed to be hospitalized and the response was, “I just came on duty. I don’t know anything about it” Ultimatly, two days later, the wife was admitted to Vernon General Hospital and was there for ten days with the two spending Christmas alone.

The husband was also charged with two counts of assault from pushing and uttering threats which turns out, as he stated, was not the case at all. “Sometimes you have to restrain people for their own safety when they go manic”, he said, “I never hit her and wouldn’t. As far as the utterence of threats, it was her. She can growl and sound like a man, especially to people on the other side of the wall in their apartment. She thinks and calls out the worst things when she’s like that. It’s not her fault, how can either of us be charged for this?”

Both were taken to jail and finally, after proper assessment from the R.C.M.P., the woman was once again taken to the Venon Hospital. She is still there while doctors adjust her medications and is expected to remain there for at least a week.

Meanwhile, the husband was released with an order of no contact with his spouse, directly or indirectly until March when the court hearing is to be. After many calls and lengthy letters to the R.C.M.P and the crown council, he has finally had the order overturned and he now awaits her release from the hospital so they can be together again.

“We are in love”, said the husband, “just ask anybody that knows us. We are always seen walking arm in arm in the downtown area. We hardly ever fight at all and this was not a fight; why doesn’t anyone believe that for the exception of our health worker? He knows us. This has disrupted our lives and yes I’m angry and I’m allowed to be. The R.C.M.P. are wrong and were wrong a year ago as well. I was persuing charges against them then but I let it go. Maybe I shouldn’t have. If they had of done their footwork they would have been better apprised of the situation and that Duh, this info was on their own files from the year previous when I was threatened with the pepper spray. Been sprayed once; don’t care for it much”

The accused husband is now trying to get the charges dropped as the two disability recipients plan to be married in Aruba this year. “This will complicate everything”, he said. “It’s sad when people are pegged and miss judged as non contibutors and malcontents and that the police are only psycologically screened and not trained. They certainly need more then that to proper assess situations”