Fast and Easy Ways to Make Extra Money

Fast and easy is a difficult phrase to work with since everyone’s definition is different. However, there are times in our lives when we are looking for fast and easy ways for money so that we can work with what life has dealt us. It isn’t always easy, but it can be done. Here are a few simple ways that you can make money quickly.

eBay It.
If you have things laying around the house that you don’t use any more and are willing to get rid of it, sell it. eBay is one great option for getting rid of the things you don’t use. Check to see how it is selling before you add it your auction to the list. Do this by searching completed listings so that you can get a hand on how things are working. Things that often sell well are electronics, antiques, specialty pieces, and designer clothing. Some things to avoid are things you didn’t pay much for, jewelry, and things that will be really really expensive to ship, unless it is completely unique.

Garage Sale Time.
Set every thing up with a garage sale. If you are looking for making quick money, and it isn’t garage saling time in your area, make it indoors and make sure you advertise it well. Then sit back and sell off all of the things you don’t need anymore. Make sure you price it low to encourage sales. Make sure you have the lowest price in mind and stick to it, but give people room to seek a bargin.

Odd Jobs.
If you are looking for quick money, odd jobs are often a good option. Throw an ad in your local paper offering to clean houses, baby sit, or do odd maintenance (according to your skills). Make rates negotiable to let people feel like they can get a great deal.

Deliver Pizza.
You can pick up a pizza delivery job in your spare time for extra money. Most places need drivers so bad they will take you on the hours you can work. Plus, if you are good, you get tips as well and can make a nice bit of extra money that way.

Internet It.
There are lots of easy money making options on the Internet. Most of them take at least some time, but they are easy. You can get paid to post in forums such as MakeMoneyKingdom or myLot. You can get paid to click with programs like daily clicks,, and master bux. You can get paid to read e-mails with inbox dollars and send earnings. Or you can get paid to write with websites such as Helium, Associated Content, Hubpages, and ehow. If your crafty you can sell your crafts on Etsy or put together t-shirt and household items designs on CafePress.

Often times whatever you do is going to take some time. However, you can figure out what will work best for you. Making extra money can be done in a wide range of ways, you have to figure out what is easy enough and fast enough for you.