Feed that Economy but Judiciously

Spending to save more may seem contradictory, but it is a known truth that you can do just this.  Consider that you get what you pay for in many types of goods, and that longevity and quality will outlast dozens of cheap fixes, whether it is a small plastic toy or a major investment like a car or a home.

There can be a false economy to cutting corners in other ways, too.  If you eat cheap, non-nutritious food, it will backfire on you over the years.  Your health will suffer, and possibly your appearance will go downhill.  Spending a bit more on good food and supplements can be preventive and pro-active.  Likewise, spending the time to keep fit and to grow fresh, organic food in a garden can reap huge rewards.

Hold that thought.  Spending time is important as spending money, right?  Think how this can save relationships and self-esteem.  Take the time you need now to attend to good nurturing and rapport with family and colleagues, and it will pay off in years to come.  As the advertisements say, this loyalty is “priceless.”

Meanwhile, we usually measure spending in terms of money.  The costs of many things will only go up with inflation and rarity.  If you love something, like a collectible or a piece of property, go for it now rather than too late.  Even with the bubbles and bears of the economy, some enduring items like good property or sound, blue-chip stocks will maintain their value over the years.  Think in terms of a legacy to hold onto for future generations, and what that will save your heirs.

Again, the old saying by Ben Franklin, “pennywise and pound foolish,” can apply to things like insurance costs.  Yes, that flood insurance seems incredibly outrageous, but average it out over the years, and realize that only one catastrophic flood will cost more than all those years of payments.  This is equally applicable to other insurance for major things like medical, dental, home, liability. 

Spending on the right tools for a job or the right, high-quality materials, can make a huge difference in how long your work lasts and what you can get for it.  If you are a craftsperson or a tradesman, this can make or break your career.  Stick with spending on quality, and your reputation will build a better business.

There are also the occasions where you can buy in bulk, spending more at the moment, but saving in the long run.  Even the tightest grocery budget will always have certain staples, like toilet paper or soap, which keep forever, and you can stock up on when the price is good, or the coupons are right-on.  Foresight and planning can help many budgets by spending more on occasion.

You will surely notice how very cheap shoes or clothing can literally fall apart on you after wearing regularly or less-but-heavy use.  Then, compare the really well-made clothing or boots that you may have thought you splurged upon, but they are still intact and a worn pleasantly into an ageless state of comfort.  You have invested in comfort and style.

So, feed that economy, but judiciously.  Chose carefully how you spend your time and money, and the pay-off will be greater than you can imagine.  You will feel more secure in your choices and find that you are actually saving money and effort over the years!