Feng Shui help for Finances

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese method of living in harmony with the natural energies of the living earth. It is not magic or religious. It is best described as a body of knowledge and a set of techniques systematically applied to one’s personal and/or business space and environment. According to Lillian Too, taught by the well respected Mr. Yap Cheng Hai, suggests it is best approached as a complex science and practiced as a simple art.

Probably the easiest and quickest benefit for practicing feng shui is to enjoy a better income. There are so many different applications that cannot possibly be touched on in this article but the most auspicious ones will be. Keep in mind that the elements (water, earth, fire, wood and metal) are always taken into account, alongside direction (measured with a special compass), architecture, the art of placement, numbers, colours and symbolism.

Building a pond near the front of your house

Water is the wealth energy in feng shui and a major symbol of money.  It is recommended that a small pond be created on the left-hand side of the front door (direction taken from standing inside, looking out). To enhance the financial benefits of the pond, invest in a pump to keep the water moving and a filter to ensure it stays clean. Moving water is said to represent and welcome in good financial fortune. Dirty, stagnant water brings about the opposite. Additionally, keeping some fish in the pond will ensure abundance. Fish like Japanese carp (also known as koi) are recommended. If keeping fish is too cumbersome, you could alternatively plant some beautiful water lilies or Lotus flowers (seen as divine by Buddhists).

Keeping a tortoise in your north corner

The tortoise can also be a turtle or a terrapin and it can be real or fake, although the energy from a real one is preferred. In feng shui the tortoise is considered a celestial being and it’s presence in your home brings both wealth and great good fortune. It is believed to not only bring money but also helpful people. The traditional place of the tortoise is the north, which is also the place of the water element.

Keeping an aquarium of goldfish in the southeast corner

It is said that gold fish are especially good for energizing wealth if positioned in the southeast. Aquariums must be kept bubbling with water as it is the bubbling water that attracts the prosperity chi (energy) into your home. Aquariums are ideal if you do not have enough space for a pond or live in an apartment complex.

Placing a jade plant in the southeast

The leaf of a jade plant is said to resemble the precious gem, jade – in fact, any green luscious plant can represent the money plant. A live plant energizes this area because the south east is of the wood element.

Hanging a bright light in your foyer

It is believed that if you hang a chandelier in your foyer to welcome chi into your home, it will bring wonderful auspicious luck along with it. It would be ideal if the chandelier were made of crystal as this will create an auspicious blending of earth and fire energies. However, any bright light or lamp is suitable.

Energizing money luck with coins

The coin method is largely popular as it is simple to implement. These coins are very thin and round with a square in the center. The combination of circle with square symbolizes the auspicious union of heaven and earth. They have a yin side (has two Chinese characters) and a yang side (has four Chinese characters). Lillian Too recommends that you tie the three coins together, yang side up, with red string. This activates the prosperity potential of the coins. This method is believed to have turned around the financial fortune of many. 

These were the most strongly recommended feng practices for your finances. You must see that your home and work area is free of what they call ‘poison arrows’ which will undo all your good work. In short, it is anything that directs sharp energy your way. That is another article all of its own.  


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