Fight the Bad Crimes not the Harmless Legalize Prostitution and Marijuana

There are so many benefits from the use of Marijuana. Most of them are too many to mention. I know people who pain pills do not help at all, but there are various different ways of using Marijuana that do.
Most people smoke it because that is what most of us know. It can be mixed with juice and drank as a elixir, it can be used like salt and pepper when you cook. Some people put it in their breads and cookies for help.
I feel that making it legal to grow a few plants is not a bad thing. You could help a lot of people. One plant makes quite a bit of pot.
Coops should be where you take what you will not use. They can then sell it to people who need it and can not grow because of either health reasons of because of the area that they live in.
I do not like the idea of large crops being grown. That should still be against the law. We do not need that in our national parks and forests. It happens here where I live. The last big raid that the D.E.A. had was 6,000 plants. Where was that going, not to help people that need it. That money would have gone into somebody’s pocket.
Now for the other subject. Why should just the women be jailed for having sex. If it is wrong for them to sell their bodies, why should it not be wrong for the men to buy it. If women want to be prostitutes they should be able to get all the money they sell themselves for.
I am a woman and think that these women do not have much respect for themselves or they are drug addicts and this is the way they support their habit.
What can and does happen to many of these women is awful and the way people look down their noses at them when something happens is really a crime. We are judging them and it is not our place to judge others actions.
Can you walk in my shoes, feel the way I feel and then react the way I do. If you can then you have a right to judge me. I can not do it, so I try very hard not to judge what others do. Being human I do not always succeed, but at least I try which is more than I can say for others.
The Police should not have to work so hard on either of these things. What about the wife beater, car thieves, murders. There are lots of other things that they could put their time and resoursed to better use.