Filing Taxes 2011 Taxes Ipad

How to file taxes from an iPad

Here Ye, Here Ye, tax time is near, to file taxes for 2010.   While some individuals rely on a tax accountant, or a tax professional, others like to file their taxes on their own, by using various tax software applications available online.   You can now file your Federal taxes using an iPad application. However, this iPad application does not process state taxes, only Federal taxes, and provides, most of the required forms, that are needed to file taxes.  The forms available are the form numbers 1040, 1041, 1065,1120, and 1120S.

To file taxes from your iPad, the first step is to purchase the right application.  You can download the iPad application from iTunes, for $9.99, which includes unlimited tax preparation, and printing capabilities.  There are additional fees if you want to e-file, which can be viewed in the price list for taxes 2010.  The great news, is the files are transferable from your iPad to either a personal computer or Mac.

Once you have downloaded the application on to your iPad, to get started, click on the icon on your screen.  Once the form is on the screen, touch the required fields and complete them by using the keyboard to input your data. To proceed to the next screen, click next which is located at the top of the screen in the tool bar.  Please note, if you are missing information, or if you have incorrect information on the form, the frames will be highlighted in red.  There is also a help feature at the bottom of the form, which assists you in completing the form.  To access the help feature, click on the help button.  

When you come to the screen, where it asks if you have any dependents, check the box and complete the following page if this applies to you.  Then, if you have received any W-2 forms, you will need to check the required box and then complete the following page.  If you have more than one W-2 you will need to check the required box and click next to add more W-2s.  If you need to add a form to your return, you will need to check the boxes for the required form, and complete the next page for that form.

From this point on, you will be asked basic questions, which reflect on previous answers that were given.  Once you are finished,  you will see all the forms required to complete your return.  A page will be provided where you can check the direct deposit option and enter the required banking information.  The taxpayers, and spouses’ digital signature/pin will be authenticated before e – filing, should you decide to e-file.

If there are no errors on your tax form, all items on the review page will be in green.  However, if there are errors, the items will be in red, and you can navigate through the form from the review list to correct the errors.  If you get a black screen, that means the forms have not been completed and you need to complete them. Once the forms have been filled out and have been checked for errors, click on the preview button to see the form in a printable PDF.