Financial Investments

What should you look for when buying into an investment? When dealing with a bank or financial institution, begin by looking at there track record, find out who they are, and how long have they been around for. Second, look at their portfolio and their market scales as they are very important and will help determine the direction of your future investments.

When going in to buy into an investment you should buy in when the market is in a downturn. Why? Many people say when investing in a mutual fund ” make sure the market is high before purchasing” Wrong! If there is a sale at say franks hardware, what is the first thing your going to go do? your going to buy as much as you can while the market is low, Right? maybe buy a Little extra, “and sell it for a lot more than you paid for it when the market is high again” Same thing goes for a mutual fund, buy low when the market is low.

So what if it’s low? if you go in in the middle of a recession for say, and invest a 1000 dollar’s, and let it sit, when the market goes back up you can cash in on a lot more than you originally invested. Remember no financial downturn has ever lasted for more than 18 month’s.

We as a community always seem to get the money flowing again. Third look at the rates that the financial institution is offering. Banks usually offer 3%-4% for a GIC for say, and 6% for a high risk long term mutual fund, am i right? I have found someone that offers a 12-15% rate of return on mutual funds, and 7-12% on segregated funds.

This company has been around for thirty one years, and have a proven record of customer satisfaction, I’ve stumbled across this financial firm by doing research, and trying to find the one company that offers the most. I believe that if someone wants to be successful that you must always do your homework and check out many different institutions before ever spending a dime. The worst thing that you can do, is what a lot of people do, race into the bank the minute that the market goes under. “Don’t do it, plain and simple”. Why? When you pay into that investment always remember how much you originally invested, and if you take it out just cause the market crashed, you will never get the same amount back.

As said earlier, let it sit. You probably don’t need the money anyway, so leave it in there, you will be appreciated for it, and when the market goes back up, they will not forget that you left your investment alone even though the market crashed, and you will be rewarded for it.