Financial Planning how to Live an Abundant Life

Living an abundant life begins from within the heart.

The term “abundant” means to have more than needed. God himself wants us to live with more than we need because He knows that when you have plenty, we worry less. How many of us can say we have more than we need in terms of capital? Each of us makes the choice everyday to live an abundant life through our actions.What we do with a small amount of money demonstrates what kind of life we want to live. To get on the road to having more, we must do some things.

Put God First

” Seek Him first and all things shall be added.” This is a verse from the bible stating that putting God as a top priority is a must. Essential God is the source of wealth. When I say wealth, I’m not just speaking about money. I’m talking about spiritual, mental , and emotional wealth. God is the one who will supply all of our needs. If we seek a relationship with Him, he will never let us go hungry. Everything we need will be added if we put Him at the top of the list.

Become a Visionary

See yourself having more than you need. Envision what your life would be like if you had abundant amounts of money. How would you feel? What would you do? Would you help anyone? To get this process started , close your eyes and think. Let your mind go on a journey. Once you can see yourself in this life, you can begin to plan it.

Write it Down

The next step to living this life is to document it. How do you plan on getting there? Write down your plan of action by making clear steps. For example, you can write down that you are going to get a part time position and earn $300 a week extra so you can put more money in a savings account. This is one way of going about it. When you write things down, they become concrete in your mind. Make it real and achievable.

Modify Relationship with Money

Once you have written down your plan of action, the next step is to change how you relate to money. Our relationship with money says a lot about who we are. If you look at money as a friend or ally, you will work with it and make it all you can. However, if you look it as an enemy, you will abuse it. Start treating your money as a friend. Go about this by amassing financial knowledge. Get to know it better. Study financial terms. Learn about passive and portfolio income. Fill your mind with the facts.

Get on a Budget

Budget your money. Allocate money for certain expenses. This is done by knowing where money is going in advance. It helps to do this so you can control how much goes in and out. Important expenses would be the rent or mortgage, utilities, food and car insurance. A budget gives you control over your money.

Pay down Debt

Debt kills financial abundance. Two cannot exist together. You must pay down any outstanding debts such credit cards, student loans, car notes. Anything that brings your credit score down will hurt you financially. Make it so that you do not owe anyone. Being in debt is like being a slave. Free yourself and remain that way.

Create Money

If you have a full time job that is wonderful. However, if you want to make more money, then you must create multiple sources of income. Doing this is not hard. You can do this by investing your money in mutual funds, bonds or stocks. I suggest looking into each of these before taking the first step. Research is they key. Make it so that your money works for you. Money can earn though interest or dividends. Your return depends on the vehicle used.

Living an abundant life begins with you. Make your life what you want it. Create money making opportunities and save. Invest in the future and it will repay you in the present.