Financial Trouble how to Raise Cash Quickly

Most everyone occasionally finds themselves in a position where they just can’t seem to make ends meet. And with the economy in its present state, it is happening more often and to more people. The rising cost of fuel and food alone can push tight budgets past their limits.

Many people have friends and family they can turn to in times of need, but there are also many who are not lucky enough to have that type of support system and need to find quick ways to come up with the extra cash on their own.

One of the first places you should look is in your closets and storage areas; you probably have more stuff lying around than you think. Even though you may not think there is anyone out there who would want your “junk”, believe me, there are people out there who will pay money for something you might leave on the roadside. Remember the old adage, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Though garage sales are always an option, often you get those irritating people who want to give you a quarter for something that you have marked at $3.00. You know the type. “Well, it’s not in perfect shape” they will say. “I know that” you respond, “which is why it is only marked $3.00.” “Will you take a quarter for it?” they ask.

When you refuse, they stub out their cigarette in your driveway and toddle back to their car, already brimming with crap they have nickel and dimed from some poor unfortunate soul that lives a few blocks away from you.

Consignment stores are a good option to get cash for clothing you no longer wear. Haven’t worn it in over two years? You are not going to. Get rid of it. Better to get a fraction of what you paid for it than to leave it hanging unused in your closet.

If you have kids, no doubt there is plenty in their drawers to purge. Those pants that fit last year, but now look like Capris on your son. That shirt your daughter had to have that looked so adorable in the catalog, but on her, not so much.

Selling on eBay is always an option, but the listing can be tedious and you have to pay eBay a percentage of your earnings. Try selling things in bulk (three pair of size 6 jeans) to help make it more cost effective. Use terms like “vintage” and “retro” instead of “old” and “imperfect”.

Also, remember to charge enough for shipping. Always go a couple of dollars over what you think it might be. That is a lesson some learn the hard way. Not doing so reduces profit or adds to a loss on a sold item that has a high shipping cost.  

For large or breakable items that cannot easily be shipped, using your city’s Craigslist is helpful. The listings are free and they will appeal to a local audience of buyers who are willing and able to swing by with a truck and pay for the items in cash, yes, cash. Do not take a check from anyone, even if they are garbed in a nun’s habit. With the plethora of ATM’s available, if they have the cash in the bank, they can just as easily have it in their hand, and then place it in yours.