Financial Trouble how to Raise Cash Quickly

Financial trouble and lack of funds will lead to disaster. There sure are many ways to reduce the risk and uncertainty to get some much needed cash fast to ease the pain to meeting day to day expenses and helping pay off existing debts. Government welfare payments will tend to offer a pittance of financial support in terms of help looking for work or shelter. Contacting the tax authorities for a tax rebate, may help raise some cash, though the time taken to reclaim overpaid tax may range from 2 months up to over 1 year.

Raising more debt is a fast but more riskier approach to raise some cash fast. Personal loans and credit cards can sure be approved in a fast and near certain time frame. However the high interest costs associated with personal debts means a need in raising money from other sources.

E bay and amazon marketplace are methods of selling merchantable goods that can be sold fast to generate a small level of income. Unless a person has a vast amount of stock, or unwanted goods that can be sold, there is perhaps a limited success rate of actually making this succeed fast and quickly.

Sure there are downsizing house options available, that can be used to raise money, but for selling a car or a house, it depends on the local and national housing markets. Now these days, the market is a “buyers market”. Therefore the price that is realised might be driven down by the buyer to make best use of the sellers need for a fast sale. So in terms of actually making a reasonable sale price, might lead to the buyer of the house looking for a bargain at the same time. So essentially a great deal of care is needed in avoiding a bad deal. Homeowners can try to sell some of their freehold property, or land investments at any time they wish so raising some cash might not prove to be a bad decision.

Asking family members for a cash donation or financial assistance, will help, depending of course on the level of trust they have in you personally. Family members might be very reluctant, so this might not be a certain or safe path to take. An aunty or uncle might have financial problems of their own.

Regarding second hand cars, my own car used to be worth $10,000, having experienced redundancy and having no immediate income later, I decided to sell off my car and managed to recoup 60% of my initial investment. This bought me three or four months in terms of time, so I could manage my families finances and see us through the pain of no immediate income.

In the case of a losing a loved one, a wife bailing out leaving me with a high amount of debt, would in effect lead me to rent out my property to paying tenants. Rather than considering my lack of finance a problem, i would embark upon the chance to look for more opportunities in managing my finances. The rental income of a property might prove to be a critical factor in raising extra income fast, as the level of income is known in advance. Also a deposit and perhaps a month or two rental income is paid by the tenant or the organisation that has arranged the scheme, so this may prove to be the most effective method of not only raising money fast. This method would also help provide a steady and relatively secure income stream of funds over a given period of time.

Selling soda, or carrying out personalised services that can create a fast income, such as car washing, might prove to be much more secure, and less risky avenues to take. Again a person’s own motivation comes into view. Those wanting to make some money fast will do this activity, others will sit and suffer in silence, praying for the next lottery win.