Financial Trouble how to Raise Cash Quickly

Need cash fast? Chances are you have unrealized assets lingering in your closets, drawers, cupboards, and various other hiding spots throughout your home.

Start in your video/game room/living room. Those DVDs and CDs that have accumulated over the years, are worth money. Search your local yellow pages for media stores that buy used DVDs and CDs. If the yellow pages don’t yield an answer, consult a few of the local teens and young adults. Then collect your cache and take them in to see what the shops will offer. Keep in mind the play-it-again stores are looking for used products that still playable and complete with the original jackets and covers. The payment will vary according to demand for the artist/movie/media.

After your have unloaded the DVDs and CDs for fast cash, survey your property for recyclable products such as aluminum cans, old auto batteries, copper wire, scrap metal, etc. Here again, begin by referring to your local yellow pages. Look under “recycling” or “scrapping” and make some calls. Talk to friends and relatives that are into recycling and scrapping. And then start unloading your trash for cash.

Now that you have begun to reduce the clutter, consider a rummage sale. Be aware however, that it takes work to prepare for a sale. You will need to clean, price, organize and display your wares. You also need to invest in some advertising, plus make sure you have sufficient cash to make change on the day of the event. And if it rains or snows on the day of your sale, all of your efforts could lead to disappointment.

E-Bay and other on-line auctions also offer a means to sell to personal items for quick cash. I once sold a badly battered, musty book that I had purchased for only a dime for $19 on E-bay. A reproduction of a pen and ink sketch of JFK that was given to me as a gift by a very creepy customer (I was a waitress at the time) brought me another $20 in fast cash. But, it was “fast” for me only because I had studied E-Bay sales for several weeks before I began to advertise. Don’t expect to make money overnight. Most auctions last seven days, and after that you will have to wait for the sale to be completed (i.e. for the buyer to actually make payment).

When it comes to recovering funds, take a look at what you may have paid for months or years ago. When a family member passed away and left us with a ton of bills to pay, we recovered nearly $100 in cash by simply canceling magazine and newspaper subscriptions. During comfortable economic times families will often “invest” in a variety of “insurances” and “warranties” for goods, products and services that aren’t really necessary, especially during financially troubling times. So, cancel those magazine subscriptions and ask for a refund of the unused portion. (You can probably read the magazine for free at your local library).

Re-evaluate your insurance policies. If your annual auto insurance premium was based on a $250 deductible, you could receive a cash refund if you change your deductible to $500, $750 or even $1,000. Keep in mind, however, that Murphy’s Law could kick in – even though you have never had an accident, a significant event could occur as soon as you cash the refund check.

While none of the above options will keep the wolf away forever, collectively these steps can generate a surprising amount of cash. It may not be enough money to make the mortgage payment or to buy Susie’s prom dress. But, these steps will put food on the table and gasoline in the car.

The food keeps the children alive. The gasoline will allow you to drive around looking for a job. It’s a start