Financial Trouble how to Raise Cash Quickly

Want to raise quick cash, without robbing a bank? Now that’s not easy. With the current credit crunch and financial instability everybody is getting into financial trouble. Budgets are getting tighter, and thousands of people are not able to manage their personal finances. If you need immediate help to raise cash, you are not alone, here are 10 good tips for you:

1. Search all government and private benefits for which you may be eligible. To be on benefit is better than to be on NOTHING! They may include unemployment compensation, food stamps, low-income energy assistance, and social security. You can also receive other aids from churches and community groups listed on Yellow Pages.

2. Trade your unnecessary stuff on ebay. You will never imagine how many things you are piling everywhere without having any use for them, and even more, you will never imagine what people search for on ebay. Sell your old clothes that you can’t get into anymore and are just keeping for the hope you will lose the excess weight some day. Get extra cash from your children’s old toys, chairs, prams and furniture. Get rid of your old collectables you once thought were beautiful and are now crammed in hidden spaces. You can even get rid of some of the furniture stacking around the house. This will not only give you extra cash but extra room as well.

3. Your house is an asset that you can use in several ways to raise cash. You can sell it and stay in a rent. Or you can move out with family (that’s what mums and dads are for) and rent your house and use the extra money. Another option that you may consider is to rent out a room or two in your house. This may even give extra cash without the hassle of moving out or selling your home.

4. Recent polls suggest older cars are more fuel efficient, so you may want to consider selling your car for another older second hand one. Or if you can do without it you can sell it and opt to public transport and some walking. After all, exercise is good for your health!

5. If you can save some of the cash you raise you can use it in bonds investment. This allows for good quick returns, but make sure you choose low risk bonds that are not affected by the current financial problems. Investment in oil and gas is a safe option in this respect.

6. Start an easy business from home, that doesn’t require much capital and can bring you good profit. A lady knew she was good at making oriental sweets, so she started a small private business from home, first through friends and family. She is doing really great now.

7. Refresh your memory about people you have lent money before and ask them to give you the money back, of course with your interest throughout the years. If you can’t remember you lent anybody anything, try to convince somebody that you did, they might fall for it.

8. Use a specific talent or hobby you have and teach it for money. Or even better, apply for a place in America’s Got Talent you’ll be rich and famous.

9. Do some seasonal tasks online, like filling in surveys, write general articles or be a mystery shopper. Small tasks pile up extra cash.

10. Help neighbours with some easy errands like babysitting, dog walking, gardening or driving their children to school.