Financial Trouble how to Raise Cash Quickly

Haven’t got enough money to get the Bentley out of the shop? Not enough extra in your 1k annual budget to do the much needed maintenance on the central air, central vac, and Olympic-sized swimming pool? OK, so it’s a VW, a bottom-of-the-line Kenmore, a dinky window fan, and a blow-up pool the size of your kitchen sink, but they’re still yours, and you’re still in need of some fast-cash to fix them or bring them home.

In the real world, many times we find ourselves in need of some quick cash to get us through a rough time. Maybe the credit cards are over drawn from trying to keep up with the medical bills, or your hours were cut at work and the pantry is looking pretty barren. In any case, the need to raise some money has become top priority. Here are a few ideas that might help.

Get a loan

And I don’t mean from the bank. It’s just more debt, that’s probably got such an exorbitant interest rate attached to it, your head spins. Do yourself and your family a favor, ask some friends or relatives for a loan.

If even 5 of them can spare 100 hundred dollars, that’s 500 hundred dollars you didn’t have before you asked. Sure you have to pay it back, but usually friends and family will loan it interest-free, and because the amount probably won’t break their bank accounts, chances are they’ll go for it.

You might also work out a deal in which you pay the debts off by doing some free work for them. You know those things we all need to do around the house, but never find enough time to do?

Clean the house

There’s probably more lying around the house you can part with than you realize. How long has it been since you actually fit into those clothes you swore you’d fit into again? Don’t answer that; I’m having flash-backs. Seriously, take a top-to-bottom inventory of your belongings, and be realistic about what you really need. Whatever you don’t, put it in a yard-sale, sell it on eBay or Craig’s list, or take out a freebie ad in your local paper.

Review your spending habits

Keeping more cash in your wallet, in essence, creates additional cash. Take an honest look at where your hard-earned pennies go each week/month and adjust accordingly.

Drop the call waiting, hang the laundry, make your coffee at home, say adios to the extra cable channels, rent movie vs. going to the theater, prepare meals vs. take-out, and the list goes on. Whala! Instant cash.

To create a long-term safety net, try some of these ideas.

Give your opinion

You’d be surprised how much cash can be made by participating in on-line surveys. Sign up now, watch the money add up, and only cash it in if you really need it.

Share your skills with the writing world

There are droves of web-based and publishers looking for the average-Joe’s view on the world; and I say average-Joe proudly. It may take time to find your special niche, but over the long haul you could make some serious cash right from the comfort of your own home.

The reality is that unless we are born, silver spoon in hand, chances are we’ll be strapped for cash at one point or another. Give these methods a shot and keep your chin up; bluer skies are right around the corner.