Financial Trouble how to Raise Cash Quickly

With the economy slouching so eminently, there is no doubt some of us are looking for ways to make a little extra cash. Maybe to pay those bills that never seem to quit or maybe to save you from slumping further into debt. Here are some traditional ways of earning extra, albeit, hard earned cash.

1.Yard Sales: Check into having a yard sale. It is a really great way to make some quick cash. Opening a front yard retail store is fairly easy. Anyone can find things they don’t need anymore that are suitable for resale to someone else. Its a great way to get rid of those things you call junk that may be a treasure to your neighbor. Another plus of having a yard sale is incorporating your children into the entrepreneurship. They too can open their own little store. They can sell their old toys or perhaps a lemonade stand turned iced tea. All money earned by them can be turned into what ever they may fancy (with your supervision of course) while they learn some basic mathematics skills and socialization.

2.Sell something big: Selling something big such as a car, washer/dryer, or a garden tractor is a way to turn something taking up space into cold hard cash. Be aware, selling larger items may take longer to sell than those things in your yard sale. Buying a car is a much more involved sale with it being a larger investment, the buying time is almost always a long drawn out process.

3.Ebay: You can sell things on ebay. Using your computer instead of your yard or garage to sell things can produce more cash if you handle it effectively. Unlike a yard sale ebay is on going and you can post things to sell frequently. However there are some rules to abide by when using ebay. Please check out the “knowing the rules for sellers” section before embarking on this adventure.

4.Odd Jobs: Go to your local Farmer/Landscaper to see if they may have any odd jobs that need attention. If you can get past the initial awkwardness of asking for work you will find yourself making some dough and some new friends. Another place to look for odd jobs are family and friends. If you fix a roof, mow the lawn, or paint a house, ask for payment. Make sure before completing any jobs you and the other party agree to the terms of payment. Most of the time family and friends will be more than happy to pay a little cash for some hard work.

5.Personal loans: Going back to your family and friends, they are sometimes a good resource to ask for a loan. This can sometimes be tricky territory, so before accepting the terms make sure you both agree to the arrangements and make the repayment on time. Out of respect for your family or friends, whoever it may be that lend you the money, if you can’t make the repayment on time give them enough notice. They will often respect you for being honest and make a different arrangement.

Finally, looking for cash may involve looking for a part time job. I know, I know, a second job, what a dreadful thought. A second job can sometimes be just what the cook ordered. To find a second job go back to your local classifieds. Look for something that interests you, if you find a job that has some interesting things about it you won’t get burned out by dreading those extra hours. Plus you may make some new friends at the same time. Good luck in your endeavor and what ever you may embark on to find that extra cash.