Finanical Crisis

How the recent financial crisis has affected me negatively and the steps I am taking to correct the situation are easily listed. The ways it effected me in one word flat broke. My partner and I were buying a house, the gas raised up so high that we broke even between gas in the car and the paycheck received. Secondly I had to give up the house and move into a government apartment (which as we all know is not the best place to raise a child). Thirdly with the crisis going on no one is willing to hire anyone because everyone’s profits are down.

Now I will go into better detail on losing the house. Losing the house my father died in was very devastating to say the least. But with my partners pay just barely making enough to put gas in the car to go to work we had nothing left to pay on the house. So I had to move and take my daughter into one of the worst places to live. It is not the worst place to live because of the inspectors or the workers, it is the worst because so many people sell drugs there, steal, or break in your apartment.

When moving into my apartment I had to sell my only car in order to just pay the deposits for the lights, and the security deposits. So with everything else going on along with being completely broke I now had no car. Having no car means no transportation at all. I have to call in favors from friends just for my daughter’s doctors appointments. Also no car means finding a job and a sitter that I can walk to. So now we move on to my final crisis problem.

Now my final crisis I have no job. I have applied at several places, but they say that they are not hiring at the time. Most of this I believe has to do with the economy being so poor these days. Them not hiring right now is good and bad for me. Kind of like it is a blessing and a curse, because without a babysitter I cannot accept a job. Also without a job I cannot afford a babysitter. So you can kind of see how that cycle can go on and on. Soon hopefully though the cycle will be broken.

In conclusion the steps I am taking towards fixing my crisis are going back to school. I am going to be applying for a government grant to help me get into an online school like Penn Foster (In order to get a better job or at least to get one easier). After going to school, I am going to make arrangements to be able to pay a babysitter when I get paid. So I know I will not have to scrounge, beg, and borrow just to pay her. I am going to try to car pool with a friend when finding a job in order to save up to get my own car. Finally after finishing school, getting a job, and finding a car all that is left is to save up again and move out of the apartment complex. So I believe these are my best solutions to fixing the financial crisis that has been thrust upon me.