Finding a Car Insurance Agent

The best place to go to get a quote or a policy for insurance is at a local insurance agent. A good insurance agent can be found by searching online, through word of mouth or from friends and family members. Having a good insurance agent is important because they can answer many types of questions can can also service the policy.

One way to find a good car insurance agent is to look on the internet. There are many sites such as which is provided by at&t as well as Google. A car insurance agent can be found by using their name as well as the agency’s name. Many insurance agencies have listings in Google that will appear when doing a search. The key to searching for a local car insurance agent is to include the city in the search criteria. When doing a search for local insurance agents on Google a list of local businesses will be displayed. Keep in mind that there are different types of agents that work or write business for many different insurance companies.

Another way in which find a good car insurance agent is by word of mouth from a co-worker. Many times a co-worker can have first hand experience working with a specific car insurance agent and may recommend their agency highly. There are many times when a co-worker can recommend a good car insurance agent because of the service that was provided. The price paid for car insurance is different from person to person because of how the premium is calculated. Basing a recommendation on price alone is not always going to result in finding the best car insurance agent. It is important to keep in mind that one person’s experience may not be exactly the same for another.

Finding a good car insurance agent can come from a recommendation of a family member. Family members are a good source of information about experiences with car insurance agents. Someone at one point in time has had to deal directly with one when purchasing a car insurance policy. A family member may also work in the insurance industry or for an insurance agent. These are the best type of recommendations because they are based on first hand experience working with a car insurance agent either directly or indirectly. One thing to remember though is that a family member that has had a bad experience may have only bad things to say about a particular car insurance agent.

Having a good car insurance agent that is local is important because they are available to answer questions as well as making changes to a policy. The best type of car insurance agent would be a local independent agent. This type of agent can find the best price for a policy because they write business with many different companies.