Finding Inexpensive Car Insurance

Inexpensive car insurance can be found using various methods that can produce significant savings when done properly. When looking for insurance for a new car always get more than one insurance quote to compare, look for available discounts and know what factors insurers use to calculate the premium being paid. Inexpensive car insurance can be found when taking the time to do the proper research and planning.

When looking for inexpensive car insurance it is important to get more than one insurance quote to compare. Many insurers offer the ability to get an automobile quote directly from their web site which makes comparing quotes fairly easy. A car insurance quote will have a listing of the coverages and discounts as well as the amount they will cost. The premium for car insurance can vary from insurer to insurer and with multiple quotes it is possible to see what company offers the best price. The single most important thing to remember is to balance the cost of the insurance with the coverage and value that is provided.

Another way to find inexpensive car insurance is to find all available discounts that can be added to the policy. One of these discounts is called a multi-policy discount which would be having a home and an auto policy with the same company. A multi-policy discount can range from a 10 percent to 20 percent discount on a car insurance policy. This discount is only beneficial when an insured uses the same company for all of their insurance needs. Other discounts that are offered by insurance companies include a good student discount as well as a discount for belonging to a group such as an alumni association.

The single biggest factor that goes into the rate an insurance carrier uses to base the premium is an individual’s driving history. A driving history can include all of the violations and claims submitted by an individual over a certain time period. Usually insurance carriers go back anywhere from three to five years worth of driving history. Violations that are three to five years old can be used to determine an individual’s eligibility for insurance coverage. Claims submitted by an individual can also increase their insurance rates. Every time a claim is paid it costs the insurance company money. As a result they charge higher premiums to those that submit claims.

Finding inexpensive car insurance can be done in a variety of ways. Many of which include almost no work at all other than calling an agent or representative and asking for a quote. Look at your current insurance company first before going elsewhere because they are usually in the best position to offer the cheapest automobile insurance.