Finding out how much your Home is Worth

There are many aspects in finding out how much your home is worth. In the first place the price you will get it when you sell your house and on the second place the emotional aspect.

The last one is difficult to determine there are memories in your house about things you changed by yourself and your personal feelings about this is probably much higher than other people will pay for. By example there are some furniture made by yourself it gives you a personal value which can’t be paid in money.

The first aspect is a little bit easier. Important is the city where your house is located. The same house in a great city gives you a better price when you sell it than if it is located in a little city.
The age of your house is also an important factor. An old house needs in the most cases more repairs and gives you a price which is not so high as a new one.
A notary or a neutral agent in this matter can give you a good advice. They mostly compare it with other houses in your environment but they have a good view about the real value of your house or which price you can get for your house.

If you want to sell your house important is also the interest rate of the bank at that moment. In times were the interest rate is less you can get a higher price than when the rate is high. The reason is simple people who want to buy your house need mostly a loan and that can have an influence on the price you can get for your house.

Keep both aspects in mind : the emotional aspect and the real price you can get for your house.