Finding Teaching Supplies at the Dollar Store

It is an unfortunate statement on society itself that teachers are towards the bottom of the food chain as far as their income level goes. However, it is true. As the economy continues to change and struggle, it is more and more difficult for these educators of our future generations to get by themselves. To add insult to injury, the school districts are receiving increasingly less funding and this lack is trickling into the classrooms, leaving many teachers looking to add to their educational arsenal with the limited funds in their own pockets.

For these fine teachers that are willing to invest a portion of their own funds into the lives of our children, the dollar stores can be a wonderful place to visit. The aisles are filled with items that can represent a treasure trove for the creative teacher to use as tools of his or her trade. The following are some great teaching resources that can be found in many of the dollar stores fairly regularly.

*Map Puzzles-These are amazing tools for young children to learn their geography lessons with. Kids love to put together puzzles and when you make them a teaching tool, everyone wins!

*Globes-Another fabulous geography tool that can be found in many dollar stores is the globe. They spin and show the world to young minds, all for a dollar!

*Flash Cards-Flash cards are one of the most fun ways to share a love of learning math. Teachers can use them to have contests, lend them to struggling students, or have the children pair up for practice.

*Art Supplies-The dollar stores are filled with tons of art supplies that can be used for various classroom projects. There is glitter, crayons, markers, poster boards, glue, tape, ribbon, paints and paint brushes, and that is just to name a few of the creative treasures that will line the shelves of the dollar store.

*Maps-There are often maps to be found and purchased at the dollar store, many of them poster size to hang on the walls. There are sometimes even the maps that the students can color for even more fun.

*Coloring Books-Coloring books can be purchased and taken home to make copies of the pages for the children to use.

*Games-There are educational games that can be bought for a dollar and used in the classroom. There are both board games and electronic games.

*Rewards-Many teachers keep a treat box handy with small items, such as stickers or pencils, inside to use as a means of rewarding particularly good behavior or performance.

With all of these items to be found within the walls of the dollar store, teachers should make this their first stop when they are looking to supplement their classroom teaching tools. Supplies for teaching math and geography, one dollar….changing the life of a child, priceless.