Finding the best Health Insurance

Finding the best health insurance available is a tedious task. Most employers offer health benefits for their employees, however the truth is that it’s becoming more difficult for the employers to keep up with the rising costs of their health insurance.

I do not encourage people to contact the large insurance companies about their insurance plans available. My best recommendation is to contact an individual agent, that works with brokerages. These agents have all the information from all the different health insurance companies, so they have the luxury of providing people with the best answers to all their questions. Individual agents don’t have ties to any of these larger companies, nor do they really care if they are making these companies any money. What they do care about is the people. They can find the best plans and the most reasonable rates for you.

A new hot trend within the insurance industry are the HSA’s(Health Savings Accounts), which are programs that act like an IRA account, allowing people to put away a certain amount every year to use whenever they want. The catch with getting HSA’s are that you have to have high deductible health insurance in order to open an HSA. Yes, this is cheaper, however if something should happen to you you will have a high deductible to pay before your insurance company pays out.

People are going to have different reactions to different health insurance. Maybe you are happy with your Kaiser insurance and will never change, because of the great experiences you have had with them. The same goes for Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Everyone will have different things to say about every company.

You have many different things to think about when purchasing health insurance. First of all, what type of coverage are you looking for? Do you want to add a vision or dental plan? Do you want a higher or lower deductible? Most of all, you really have to consider your budget. Many of us can’t afford health care, so what kind of programs are available for people that need health care.

You can apply for medicaid, however that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get medicaid, which is a government sponsored program. When you hit 65 medicare is available, however medicare only covers a portion of the health coverage that you may need, which is why insurance companies market so many medicare supplement packages and those are confusing enough.

Another growing trend in America are the discount medical plans. These are purely pay for service programs, that provide you with 50 to 80% off of all your office visits. These are becoming more popular because they are extremely affordable for everyone. For example, it costs $59.99 a month for medical, dental, vision, chiropractic, and prescription discounts for an entire household, whether people are related or not. For $19.99 a month, the entire household gets dental, vision, chiropractic, and prescription benefits.

If you need more information about a discount plan, be sure to check out their website:

If you are looking for information about health insurance, check in your yellow pages. There are hundreds of agents listed within the yellow pages. You could also look at:, there you can get some nice quotes for you and your family.

These are just a couple of avenues that are available to you. I hope you find the information helpful.