Five least Demanding Jobs for Retirees

It was reported in August that most who are already in their 50s plan to work in their retirement. Close to two-thirds of the study participants said they have fallen short of their savings goals. Meanwhile, another poll suggested that a significant number do not have a rainy day fund.

Although the future retirees do not plan to work in their current careers nor work full-time hours, they are looking to generate supplementary income and keep up with the persistent increases in the cost of living.

What kind of part-time jobs can those in their winter years perform? Here is a list of work that those in their 60s and older can take part in.

Call Centre Representative

It may be deemed as redundant work, and many get frustrated by both telemarketing or survey calls and customer care representatives, but it is simple work, it pays reasonably well and it is not physically demanding. Also, it offers part-time hours and some even provide benefits to its employees.


Are you a good writer? Can you spot a spelling error in someone’s copy? Do you speak another language? There is a lot of freelance work out there for all types of individuals. Becoming a freelance writer or a freelance transcriber isn’t difficult as long as you do your research. A quick search on Craig’s List, Kijiji or other freelance advertising websites will give you an idea of what the market is like.


Whether it is checking out at a grocery store, scanning a bottle of Tylenol at the local drug store or helping a fashionista return her dress, retail work is quite easy and doesn’t require a lot of physical tasks, except for just standing. Although a lot of retail clerk positions offer slightly above minimum wage, it’s a good job for anyone needing extra income in a stress-free environment.


In the days of public education failing the students and parents lacking time to help their children with their homework, tutors have become hot commodities. Tutors are paid quite well and is a position perfect for anyone who is highly educated in any field particularly mathematics and English. One can work for a company or, as listed earlier, work as a freelance tutor.

Work at home

If you’re a retiree, why not work out of your home? Post advertisements in your area, get to know your neighbors and tell others that you’re available throughout the day to babysit, look after pets and even mend any sweater, pair of socks or other garments with holes in them.