Five Money Saving Strategies five Ways to Save Money

As technologies and product lines first become available, there is always a frenzy of consumer interest. Unfortunately, during the launch of a new product, there is also a little thing some consumers just can not get passed – and that is the price tag. But rest assured, some of the most popular items on the shelves right now have gone down in price considerably in the last ten years, sometimes by as much as 80% or more.

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The Price of Toys

In the last 10 years, toys have dropped in price by over 40%. With as much hyped marketing that is backing toys, it is good to know that you may now be able to afford some of today’s most popular toys. There is one word of caution however, some of the toys have been outsourced to other countries and with that some of the quality has been compromised. As long as you are a smart shopper and will pay attention to what you are buying, you should be able to find some great deals to keep the little ones happy.

The Price of Electronics

The price of electronics have gone down nearly across the board: computers (down more than 80%), televisions (down more than 75%) and audio and visual equipment (down between 20-40%). Over the last 10 years, technology has allowed for manufacturers to improve the way things are made and enabled the prices to drop pretty dramatically for better technology. Competition has also made this price drop possible. It will always be worth your while to do your research and compare the prices of electronics before you hit the stores.

The Price of Phones

Ten years ago, cellular phones and service were still new things. In the last decade, the price of services has dropped over 30%. The advent of new technologies for cellular phones and services, as well as the services for land line phones has enable prices to drop. There is also a large amount of competition between phone manufacturers and phone service providers. Shopping for the best deal for your can really help you save even more money. While some phone brands are still ridiculously expensive, the overall prices of some pretty cool phones are now more affordable than ever before.

The Price of Clothing and Shoes

Interestingly, in the past it was the “clothes that made the man” but now technology has almost replaced that old adage. Clothing prices have dropped over 10% in the last few years and it no longer costs ridiculous amounts of money to keep your growing kids in clothes or for you to be able to afford a wardrobe of work clothes. Shoes have also gone down in price by almost 4% thanks in large part to the growing crop of discount outlets that help reduce the price to consumers.

The Price of Vehicles

While not many people are buying cars right now, the overall price of vehicles has dropped over the years while the technologies have certainly improved. Ten years ago, the price you would pay for a vehicle with existing technologies would be much more expensive in comparison to how vehicle manufacturers are building today with better technologies and lower prices.