Five Things that Affect your Insurance Premium

Insurance has become a necessity. You need if for your life, house, car, business and these days even your pets. Some might think insurance has gone overboard, but with the increase of risk, leading expensive lifestyles and the rise in lawsuits for the silliest of things, insurance really is vital for peace of mind and a good night’s sleep.

Insurance premiums can be high and cost you a lot of money if you’re not prepared or you’ve never taken out insurance before. Your premium is determined on your risk level. Certain things affect your insurance premium more than others, but most should be considered. When taking out insurance, you should be aware of the follow five things that are likely to affect your insurance premiums.

1 – Your age is a huge factor. Depending on what type of insurance you are taking out, your age will be a factor in determining your insurance premium. For car insurance, a young driver is going to pay a higher premium compared with a driver with ten years of good driving experience. However, for life insurance a young healthy individual will have a lower premium, than a middle aged person who has a higher risk of developing an illness or dying.

2 – Experience, meaning have you taken out insurance before. If you’ve had insurance before, than you might be able to apply for a lower insurance premium, especially if you’ve never made any claims in your insurance history.

3 – Consolidation helps lower your overall insurance premiums. Having your home, car, and life insurance with the one company can lower your insurance premiums. The insurance company wants to keep all your business and this way are more likely to negotiate a better deal for you.

4 – Your medical history will be a contributing factor when determining your insurance premium. If you have a history of illness, spending a lot of time at the medical surgery, have had operations or been through serious diseases, these factors may affect your insurance. More so your life, health and trauma insurance, but can also have an affect on your car and business insurance because you become a riskier client for the insurance company.

5 – Location, location, location doesn’t just apply to buying an investment property in the right place. It’s also a factor that applies to your insurance premium. If you live in a high crime rate area than your car, life, house and contents insurance is going to go up dramatically. Live in a peaceful area with little or no crime history? You’re insurance premium is going to be much lower.

These things will affect your insurance premium with the majority of reputable companies. Insurance is a business, and insurance companies have to protect themselves first. Before taking out any insurance, do your research and get a few opinions before deciding on which company you want to go with. Regardless of the above, premiums will vary from insurance company to insurance company.