Five Things to do with a Dollar

A dollar just isn’t what it used to be, but there are still some pretty cool things you can do with just a single dollar bill. Take a look at the five suggestions listed below.

1) Make a Small Investment

Sure, you must have heard the saying “every dollar counts” but you probably never really took it seriously or literally for that matter. The truth is that if you paid attention to the way you got rid of those single dollar bills that alone may not seem to be worth much, you could have amassed quite an enviable savings account or a sizable investment. If you put a dollar into an investment, even one that pays only a small rate of interest, it is better than tossing it aside or spending it on some frivolous item that will be lost before you can even spare a thought on how to put it to use.

2) Make a Donation and Help Someone

Another great way to use a dollar is to make a donation. In poorer countries a single US dollar is enough to provide a meal or clean water for a child and that is surely a noble way to use money that you probably would have wasted.

3) Start a Website or Blog

Instead of buying a cheap coffee or something off the dollar menu you could actually fund an online business venture and try to turn your dollar into a revenue stream. There are a few places you can get free website templates and you can even get web hosting here for just a dollar a month. In this way you would have used your dollar bill to start a business that might not only provide a meaningful service to others, but which also has the potential to make you money in the future.

4) Spend it in Another Country

Although a dollar might not be able to buy much in the States, it can certainly stretch when you are in a country with a favorable exchange rate. While you are on holiday in the Caribbean, Latin America or even some parts of Asia your dollar may be able to buy you an entire meal or even a terrific souvenir to remember your trip.

5) Leave it as a Tip

Of course, you can also leave the dollar as a tip for your favorite waitress, but be sure that it is not insulting, because leaving a dollar on a bill that is close to one hundred dollars for instance is sure to leave your server wondering what went wrong.

The next time you look at a dollar, try to think about the many ways that you can use it. You may end up doing something unexpected or if you really put some thought into it, something that is surprisingly productive.