Five Things to do with a Dollar

In economic downturns, every dollar counts. Many holding one of the paper bills bearing Washington’s likeness consider the one-dollar bill lacking in purchase power and of little good unless paired with multiple other green backs. However, the dollar bill still offers some viable options.

Garage sales
Almost every weekend during Spring, Summer, and Fall, homemade signs line busy streets and stand at intersections announcing a garage or yard sale.  Most people price their items cheaply to get it off their hands. A dollar often buys an article of clothing, toys, or a couple of books. And with a little bit of negotiating, a dollar might buy a bit more.

Periodically, Goodwill stores run specials. For instance, occasionally the manager offers shoppers the opportunity to buy old VHS movies, two for a dollar.  Also, it’s not uncommon to find a New York bestselling hardback for a buck or less. Taking time to shop at a Goodwill often leads to finding spectacular deals on gently used items.

Red Box movies
Business giants like Wal-Mart, Walgreen’s, and McDonald’s allow movie-dispensing machines to be set up on their premises, offering film enthusiasts the opportunity of renting a relatively new release for one dollar. Utilize snacks already stored in the cupboard at home, and for a single buck, a family can enjoy a movie night together.

McDonald’s ice cream cones
In some regions of the United States, McDonald’s touts a soft serve cone for fifty cents.  In other words, for one dollar a customer can buy two cones, eating one and sharing the other with a loved one. That’s quite a treat on a sweltering Summer day.

Share a dollar
Rarely can one drive the streets of a large city, and miss men or women standing on a street corner holding a sign announcing, “Will work for food.”  Often times these people experiencing economic duress, claim busy intersections where cars stop for red lights. Many ignore these individuals, believing them to be too lazy to find a job. Others think those less fortunate use handouts for a quick trip to the liquor store. However, there are people genuinely in need of help. A single dollar bill affords a hungry person the option of purchasing something off a dollar menu at various fast food franchises.  Our responsibility is not to judge, but to be generous.

With a little forethought, that measly dollar bill accomplishes more than one once thought. And if nothing else comes to mind, why spend it?  Drop it in a coffee can and add others to it from time to time. Save ten one-dollar bills per month and in a year $120 sits stashed away.  Now that one-dollar bill doesn’t seem quite so shabby after all, does it?