Florida Individual Health Insurance how to Avoid Insurance Fraud

Insurance coverage, although extremely beneficial, can require a significant investment. Florida individual health insurance is no exception. However, the risks of not having insurance can be quite substantial. If you are uninsured, and suffer a serious illness or disease, or sustain a critical injury, you will either have to suffer without proper medical care, or pay hefty medical bills, potentially into hundreds of thousands of dollars. But before you purchase your health care program, here are some tips to protect your investment by assisting you with securing coverage from a reputable insurance carrier.

The State of Florida has noted that certain false insurance carriers are attempting to sell fake insurance plans. First, while evaluating the various Florida individual health insurance plans available, call the local health departments to verify that the plans you are reviewing are legally licensed in Florida. Also, be aware of the type of solicitation, if any, you have received from the insurance company. Fraudulent companies will generally use faxes, mailings, and the Internet or radio spots to advertise. Additionally, if the potential insurance carrier quotes a policy rate that is extremely lower than other companies’ quotes, be very wary of the authenticity of the cheap insurance plan.

There are various warning signs that may alert you that an insurance company may be fraudulent. When asking for proof of licensure, if the company refuses to display their state license, this may indicate they are not a valid insurance carrier. Also, be cautious if the Florida individual health insurance company requires cash payments or automatic debits from your checking account. Reconsider your choice if the seller refuses to provide you a receipt, policy number or policy coverage documentation. Ask for documented proof if the insurance salesman asserts that pre-existing conditions are covered, or that there are no eligibility requirements to be covered under the policy.

For more information on health insurance carriers in the State of Florida, contact the Florida State Insurance Office. They can provide you with specific insurance company information, as well as information on other Florida health services available. Florida also has enacted a continuation of coverage law that provides Florida individual health insurance for an additional eighteen months to certain employees who have lost their jobs, or employer provided insurance.