Florida Real Estate Golf course Properties

A Guide to Florida’s Golf Course Real Estate

With the Florida Golf Course real estate market of today, people must be wary of deals that are “too good to be true”, and be on the lookout for the values in both relaxation and recreation that will offer a balance of both. The market, at this point, is flooded with options that all appear filled to the brim with great amenities, privacy, and amazing golf. Great examples areas that fit the bill are homes in the North Florida golf real estate, specifically Augustine Island (at Palencia) and Legacy Trail. These units are in and around tidal creeks, offering amazing views and privacy, almost as if you are on your very own course. Prices are favorable, and these homes offer some of the most beautiful and natural landscaping that you will ever find. No matter who you are, there are opportunities for fun and relaxation owning a home on a Florida golf course.

Areas in Northern Florida are still under-developed, meaning that there are ample opportunities in areas such as this to find great value in real estate and golf membership in top flight country clubs. Augustine Island borders many areas of perfect natural terrain, meaning a lot of amazing views and a chance to explore a more peaceful way of life. This peace can come from a bright sunny sky at noon to a glistening morning sunrise before tee time. A great aspect of owning a home in the North Florida Golf Course region is the easy airport access, lush foliage and backdrops, and plenty of privacy. These businesses offer a full suite of services, including maintenance-free living, easy access to major roads and highways, and all the comforts of a major resort. Getting into this area of Florida means great value, calm scenery, beautiful sunsets, and future memories that will forever stay with those fortunate enough to experience the peace and amazing recreation that comes from owning real estate on a golf course in Florida.