Food Stamp Program Ohio

How to apply for food stamps in Ohio is a question most applicants never thought they would be asking.  However, statistics indicate more and more Americans are in need of this essential benefit to supplement the nutritional needs of their families, due to financial hardship.

To apply for food stamps in Ohio, a person needs to go the county in which they live and apply in person. You will be given an application to fill out. Once completed, and mailed back to the County Dept. of Job and Family Services, you will receive an invitation to come in for a face-to-face interview. If you are disabled, other arrangements can be made. If you need assistance filling your application out, a case worker will be assigned to help you.

If you need to call for an application, there is a toll free number to the Department of Jobs and Family Services, (1-800-944-3373). You can use this number at a pay phone and it will automatically go through.

Once your application has been processed, and you qualify, you will be issued an electronic benefit card (EBT), known as a Direction Card. A personal pin number will be issued to you. Food stamp benefits are issued once per month. It is recommended you call the phone number listed on the card, before you shop, to keep track of your balance.


* Social Security cards for each family member

* Proof of income; pay stubs, child support, SSI and/or SSA,

* Photo ID; driver’s license, state photo ID, birth certificate

* Bank statements

* Mortgage or rent reciepts

* Household expenses; phone, electric, heating bills, property taxes, insurance

* Ongoing medical expenses

* Any child support payments you pay


* A household may not have more than $2,000 in checking or savings account. 

* Disabled  persons or those over the age of 60 must not have more than $3,000.

* Maximum allotment for food stamp benefits is determined by income, living expenses and family size.


1 single member = $1,174

2 family members = $1,579

3 family members = $1,984


1 single member = $200

2 family members = $367

3 family members = $526

To see if you qualify for the Ohio food stamp benefit program, instantly, follow the simple directions at  For further assistance for residents of Ohio, such as free medical healthcare, cash assistance, housing, education, foreclosure prevention, job training and income energy assistance, contact

Ohio residents are currently enduring a 10% unemployment rate.  Every resident who is in need of assistance should apply.  Remember, when you were working, the taxes deducted from your paycheck every week, helped to pay for the food stamp program.  It is not a hand-out, it is a hand up, which you have earned.

Basically, all edible foods can be purchased at supermarket and grocery stores. One exception is, you cannot buy in-house cooked food, such as a chicken on a roaster in the store. Food stamps are not permitted to be used for pet foods, cough syrups, vitamins, paper goods, cleaning products or alcholic beverages.

Frozen, pre-packaged, canned and jarred foods, as well as all fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products are OK to buy with your Direction Card. If you have any further questions, you can contact the County Dept. of Job and Family Services by phone or on their website.

Now that the country is suffering a very bad recession and people are in danger of losing their homes and jobs, over 38 States have had an increase asking for food stamp applications in the past year.

If you are out of work or disabled, do not let pride hold you back from receiving any and all benefits you are entitled to. When you were working, your taxes deducted every week from your paycheck helped to fund these programs. Through no fault of their own, folks losing their jobs or who become disabled, need to make use of these benefits to help sustain them and their families.

Each State also has a free medical program which can provide the cost of healthcare and medications, if you qualify for that as well.